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Sony: PS4 Pre-Orders Are Much Higher Than Any Prior Platform

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cross your fingers

Sony may have lowered its annual profits forecast, but its confidence in its latest console remains sky high. The company reiterated in its second quarter report earlier today that it expects to shift 15 million PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 systems by the end of the fiscal year in March 2014, a statement which reinforces comments made by group president Andrew House at the Tokyo Game Show, when he indicated that the company expects to shift five million next generation devices throughout the same period.

Asked during an investors call to explain the organisation’s confidence in the system, chief financial officer Masaru Kato clarified that it’s based on the number of pre-orders that it’s seen for the machine. “Compared to past platforms, the pre-orders that we have received for this new platform is much, much, much higher,” he said. Way back at GamesCom, the company announced that it had accrued one million deposits for the device.

Kato added that the software lineup looks much stronger this time around, too. "Sometimes, when we launch a new platform, the software catalogue is not sufficient, or after the launch, sometimes, you don't have good titles following the launch," he continued. "But this year, on a comparative basis, I think that we have a much stronger lineup of software coming." Is that a hint at announcements still to be made, perhaps? Watch this space.


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DVS said:

And people were saying that games consoles was a dying market. More than anything else this just confirms my point that people have just gotten bored waiting for a new console rather than actually prefering tablet gaming.




Scollurio said:

@DVS I agree with that. On the contrary I know many many people (through my work and on "know you somewhat"-basis) that are absolutely not into gaming as we know it. Mostly young people 10-18 they either have a tablet and/or smartphone and in very very rare circumstances a WiiU. So I guess there might be a hefty impact about tablets and smarthphone "gamers" BUT I think it'll hit Nintendo more than Sony and, on the other hand, don't forget that gaming becomes more and more universally accepted and active gamers become older.

Im 31 one now and I don't see how I would stop gaming ever, so if I am still around then and we haven't nuked our planet yet I'll well game into my retirement and still produce income for the gaming company of my choice.

So keep the good stuff coming!



Carl-G said:

There seems to be a good vibe about the PS4 so far which is cool I was worried that the internet would try & hurt the PS4 like they did with the PS3 in the past(well some sites do still try) But it seems most people are not lapping up the normal PS hate this time around thank God
15+ years of PS gaming for me & i have LOVED every second of it;)



rjejr said:

The PS4 should sell well, and it has the X1 to thank.

Rather than come out w/ a $399 system up against the $299 Wii U and $199 PS3 and Xbox360 all the focus is on the $499 X1 and all it's weird rules, regulations, and about faces. Sony gets credit for a good system at a good $399 price, but that price and system look good in part due to X1 comparisons. It still would have crushed the Wii U had it come out last Nov., but it just looks so much better now. So everybody say thank you to MS.



Hokage17 said:

I think PS4 is going to be a real hit. Some people say the launch is weak but it's still stronger than almost any other console launch in terms of Variety. The only thing missing from the launch lineup is a racing game which was supposed to be Drive Club as we all know is delayed, but looking at recent footage I say they made the right decision. With KillZone, Battle Field, Call of Duty, Assasins Creed, and Injustice how can anyone call this launch weak? not to mention they have a innovative controller, ( which I just ordered from amazon btw ) A well built console, a snappy user interface, and a consumer friendly price. They're already over the 2 million mark in terms of pre orders, Black friday's coming up and so is christmas, not to mention highly anticipated exclusives like Infamous and The Order and unnounced projects from their other major company's. It's really hard to picture them failing at this point. Unlike their competition they had a solid plan and stuck to it and it shows.



charlesnarles said:

They're a good, strong company. Look at their price per share. Happy customers throughout decades of tech advancements. I feel like my grandkids will still play on PS systems



Gamer83 said:


It wasn't the internet that hurt PS3, it was Sony's arrogance, the absurd price, the terrible launch lineup that only had one good (not even great) game in Resistance. It was the shoddy third party ports that led to a very weak year one. PS3 was crushed by gamers on the internet, no question, but all of it was justified. Fortunately Sony seems to have learned a lot since then as PS4's day one and first 3 or 4 months already look far better than PS3's entire first couple years.

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