Poor ol’ Lara Croft’s holiday from Hell looks set to continue on the PlayStation 4, as Amazon Italy has uploaded a rogue product page suggesting that Crystal Dynamics’ critically acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot is firing onto the next generation format. Dubbed the ‘Definitive Version’, the re-release will supposedly ship with all of the title’s DLC expansions – and presumably those fancy hair physics from the PC edition.

If that’s not enough to get you to double-dip, the listing also indicates that pre-orders will come with an art book and premium packaging. The next-gen overhaul is supposedly due out on 24th January, which doesn’t give publisher Square Enix a whole lot of time to actually, y’know, officially confirm it. Still, outrageous expectations aside, the game sold extremely well on current generation consoles, so we could certainly see it making the leap. The question is: are you eager to play it again? Shoot an arrow in the comments section below.

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