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Rumour: Fallout: New Vegas Writer Working on Guerrilla Games' PS4 RPG

Posted by Sammy Barker


Since before the beginning of time, Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has been rumoured to be working on an open world role-playing game for the PlayStation 4 – and now a new hire at the company has put that speculation into overdrive. The first-party studio has snapped up Fallout: New Vegas’ lead writer John Gonzalez, suggesting that the company really is aiming to explore a new genre with its second next generation project.

According to the abovementioned veteran’s Linked In profile, the recruit’s specialities include “narrative design, dialogue systems, creative writing, documentation, [and] voice direction”. So basically, this guy is good at everything that his employer historically has a hard time with. “My focus is storytelling for open world RPGs,” his online resume continues. Sounds like a perfect fit for the rumours, huh?

Gonzalez was only employed in September, so the studio’s next title may still be some way off. Still, we don’t think that the company would hire a writer with such specific credentials if it wasn’t working on some kind of open world RPG. Assuming that the company can finally nail a decent narrative, this could end up being spectacular. The art direction in Killzone has always been incredible – and we can’t wait to see what the developer does with a different setting.


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Sanquine said:

That's amazing news. I think the story of New vegas was amazing in comparison to every killzone..



MrHilster said:

It would great to see Guerilla do something else seems as they've been doing Killzone since the end of the PS2 era!



Shellybird27 said:

Why does Killzone always get ganged up in regard to its story? I think they're pretty good, I mean COD, and Battlefield apparently have terrible campaigns, but it seems like you never hear the end of it with Killzone, with so far Shadowfall has a pretty great story but whatever



DirectAim said:

This and the woman from 343 who went to Naughty Dog is massive news! Everyone is jumping onto the PS4!



charlesnarles said:

@SuperSilverback NV was just the guinea pig half-way point for skyrim, like oblivion ended up being for FO3. I think we need TES6 before Fallout makes a comeback since TESOnline won't be revamped into a Fallout very easily .............. wait please do just that!!!



viciousarcanum said:

@Shellybird27 the killzone games' narratives are much better than cod and battlefield but unfortunately people give them such a hard time because it's a war game exclusive to sony that alot of people stupidly compare to halo

and if people say halo has a great narrative, they need to gtfo

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