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Rockstar Papering Over the Cracks with Grand Theft Auto Online Update

Posted by Kell Andersen

Sure to stimulate

Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer component is a whole lot of fun – at least, that is when it works properly. Rockstar Games is continuing to make great strides in mitigating these issues, though, with a recent Newswire Post detailing an update for the vast open world game. The patch is aimed at rectifying the widespread loss of save files, and is planned for release sometime early next week.

The message also notes that the previously announced GTA$ Stimulus Package will be landing soon after the arrival of the update. The developer has stated that it aims to ensure that all progress loss issues are “sufficiently sorted” before providing the hotly anticipated cash injection.

Have you been successfully playing GTA Online? Will you be taking advantage of the boost to your bank account? Give us your two cents in the comments section below.


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Epic said:

Currently on lvl 44 if I remember well and gotta say its really an amazing game but sometimes it gets a bit stall, recently got the 400, 000 dollars apartment and I'm really looking foward of using all that money of the the stimulus package on car mods and maybe save some money for a chopper.



Savino said:

Level 66 here and playing smoothly since day 4 or 5!
You can call me lucky, but i dont know this buggy GTA that everyone talks about!

@epic: don't waste money on chopper, except if you are thinking about the buzzard! You go better with the merryweather chopper, if you have a friend to kill the pilot for you!



Epic said:

Except for the 1-2 days bug I haven't found any bugs but well free money for everyone I guess xD.
I can't currently decide between the Buzzard and the Tank. Most of the time I play alone except sometimes on weekends when my friends have finaly some free time for GTA V.

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