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PS4 Smashes Canadian Launch Sales Records

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder now looking to the future

Sony has claimed that the PlayStation 4 enjoyed the biggest Canadian launch in gaming history – and given last week’s incredible sell-through tally, we don't think that it's exaggerating at all. Speaking with our friends over at Games Industry International, Sony Computer Entertainment Canada’s vice-president and general manager Steve Turvey revealed that the company put more units into the retail channel than any prior platform – but that demand still hasn’t been fully satisfied.

“The launch was a huge success by any standard of measurement,” the executive beamed. “It was by far the largest launch in gaming history in Canada, and we were really thrilled by the execution, but mostly the response by PlayStation fans and consumers.” Over the weekend, the platform holder confirmed that it had sold a whopping one million consoles to consumers across the entirety of North America in just 24 hours. That’s absolutely bonkers, by the way.

The challenge for the company now comes down to replenishing that stock, and Turvey believes that the firm is well prepared to keep up with the demand. “We have a nice healthy supply of inventory that we'll continue to flow into the marketplace, and we hope that demand continues,” he said. According to Games Industry International, new stock will continue to arrive on a weekly basis from now on.

The executive wouldn’t break out attach rates, but said that the firm was “excited” about the performance of Guerrilla Games’ first-person shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall, and that it expects Knack to continue strongly through the gift-giving season. The suit added that DualShock 4 controllers are also performing well, but it’s the enhanced PlayStation Camera that’s surprised him on a personal level.

"I was not dismissive of the camera, but it wasn't something I particularly thought I really needed,” Turvey explained. “But now that I've had the camera hooked up, I love it and I think that it's pretty integral to the experience. And I think more and more consumers will figure that out for themselves." At the moment, the only titles that support the camera are The Playroom and Just Dance 2014, but it’s an important accessory if you intend to spend time streaming gameplay online.

Of course, while the firm’s boasting about big numbers right now, Turvey is keen to stress that this is just the start of a long race. “It's great when something is received well by your customer base on day one," he cautioned. "But as we've been through other iterations of PlayStation, the lifecycle is a long one. We've prided ourselves on future proofing many of our consoles and building future technology into them so that it is in your living room for seven to ten years from now. So while launch is important, it's not everything.” Those are some wise words in our opinion.


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charlesnarles said:

that's 41,667 per hour,
which is 694 per minute,
which is 12 per second!
Beat that, anything else in the world.



knight_spg said:

I would like to point out that the 1 million consoles quoted are just for the first day, so in all likelihood the total number for the weekend, when including the whole first shipment allocation for NA (which is no doubt sold out everywhere) is substantially higher.



get2sammyb said:

@knight_spg Well, yeah - if we assume that they didn't sell out on the first day. I'm going to assume that first one million represents the majority of the initial shipment. Clearly, though, the sheer amount of units that Sony's been able to produce here is the major story.



knight_spg said:

I was assuming the 1 million quoted was for all the already spoken for preorders.



InsertNameHere said:

With numbers like this, Sony should hit that 5mil unit mark fairly easily. If they hit at least 1.5mil units during the PS4's first 72 hours on shelves, then Europe/UK should bump that up to about 3-3.5mil. Of course I'm being optimistic, so don't mind me.



banacheck said:

I've just been reading [PS4 to be 'in Good Supply' Over Christmas, Says Sony] which is good for anyone that hasn't got one or didn't pre-order. I think Sony will reach 5 million quite easy especially if thay don't run out, going off this it doesn't sound like thay will. Doesn't anyone remember the article [Sony will have 16 million PS4 consoles available at launch]



longshot28 said:

10 MORE DAYS MY EU BRETHREN!!! Looking forward to seeing the PS4 community grow!!



divinelite said:

If what vgchartz share is true, then attach rate for callof duty is above 70%, bbattlefield and killzone above 35%, and knack about 12%

Example how to interpret, in 1,000,000 sales, 120,000 bought knack



eLarkos said:

Call of Duty being the biggest seller is no suprise.
These console sales are insane. It will be very interesting to see how it maintains its momentum over the coming months.



Gamer83 said:


Yeah, that will be the key to reaching the goal of 5 million and in the long term gaining back some of that market share lost during last gen. The key for 2014 is going to be Drive Club actually turning out well (most definitely not guaranteed) and staying on track for an early 2014 release, inFamous hitting its March release and Watch_Dogs and Destiny performing strongest on the PS4. If all that happens the first six months of next year should be good. MLB 14 The Show is a niche release but if the PS4 version is a substantial upgrade, that could help as well. Then later in the year is when I'm expecting we'll get The Order and Uncharted which you would imagine should move some consoles. Game wise 2014 looks strong across the board so it's going to come down to advertising and in the case of the PS4 and X1, how well Sony and MS are able to stock retailers.



divinelite said:

@Grockumus that's good to hear. As much I want to like knack... I must admit I cannot
Sly Cooper is great, jak n daxter is great (aside framerate) and now I try odyssey stranger wrath is also great...

... But I don't feel it fun, I guess I cannot play something too cartony?

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