Good things come to those that wait – and we reckon that we’ve been especially patient this year. It seems like a century ago when Sony teased its PlayStation Meeting press conference at the tail-end of January, but with several months of drama between now and then – alongside thousands of news articles, features, and previews – the PlayStation 4 is right around the corner in North America.

While we’re scurrying around the office making final plans and preparations, though, there’s a good chance that you’ll be making some arrangements of your own. As a consequence, we figured now was a perfect opportunity to poll you on your release day plans. Are you attending a midnight launch? Will you be waiting at home for a delivery? Have you booked time off work?

Take a moment to fill out the embedded quiz, and then jump into the comments section to flesh out your next generation itinerary. We want to know what time you’re visiting your local store, what snacks you’ll be bringing along for the ride, and if you’re planning to meet up with friends in order to pick up your brand new machines together.

Oh, and if you’re from Europe, feel free to participate, too. Given the later launch date, we appreciate that your plans may not be quite as concrete just yet, but we’re sure that you’ll have some preparations in place. Don’t be shy – and join in the discussion below.

Where have you pre-ordered your PS4 from? (87 votes)

A specialist games retailer


An online shop


A supermarket or department store


Somewhere else


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Will you be attending a midnight launch? (85 votes)

Yes, I’ll be picking up my system at 00:00AM


My store’s doing a midnight launch, but I’m not going


The shop I pre-ordered at is not doing a midnight launch


I purchased my system online


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Are you taking time off to celebrate the release? (80 votes)

Yes, I’m having launch day off to play with the system


I’ve actually booked a week or more off work


I wanted to take time off, but sadly wasn’t able to


I never really considered having a gaming break


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How many boxed games are you planning to buy at launch? (85 votes)

None, I’m focusing on digital downloads


Just the one game for now


I’m purchasing between two and five games


I’ll be picking up six or more titles


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