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Plenty More on the Horizon for PS4, System to Avoid Drought

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony may have been criticised for the PlayStation 4’s light launch lineup, but Fergal Gara isn’t concerned about the future at all. The executive, who fronts the British arm of the Japanese giant’s gaming business, has been chatting ahead of tonight’s European release – and says that there are some impressive things in store for the system.

“We haven't put a date on DriveClub as yet, but clearly we were disappointed to move it from tomorrow – from being a launch title – but also very understanding of the fact that we want it to be a great game, and therefore, it's better to be great and a little later than just good and on time,” he said of the hardware’s upcoming titles.

“We haven't put a date on that, and I don't know whether it'll be before or after inFAMOUS: Second Son, but it'll certainly be in the early part of next year,” he continued. “Then of course we look forward to some stunning third-party titles in particular that are coming that we're working closely on – Watch Dogs and Destiny are two that I'll pick out.”

In addition to The Order: 1886 and Uncharted PS4, the suit believes that the future’s bright for the manufacturer’s latest machine. “We start with the best ever set of titles that we've had for a launch and there's loads more on the horizon,” he beamed, “so I think that gamers can be excited that there's plenty more to follow and that there won't be some massive drought.”

One factor that the firm hopes will help to eschew any software shortages is the system's bulging indie lineup, which is set to fill some of the gaps between retail releases early next year. “I can't quite remember the numbers to be honest, but tens of titles are imminent or launching very soon,” he said, adding that the smaller games will occupy different price brackets, too. “You can get indie titles at far lower prices, so it gives choice in terms of style of content and price point and timing.”

Are there any PS4 releases in particular that you’re looking forward to over the coming months? Which games have you earmarked for the Christmas break? Sidestep the slow winter season in the comments section below.


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Spidernoir said:

inFamous Second Son and Order 1886, my sole reasons for getting a PS4 (that and among other things). There was a few more but they keep escaping my mind as I'm more focused on these two.



sajoey said:

Hotline Miami 2, inFamous, and The Order are definitely near the top of my wish list.



3Above said:

Second Son, Transistor, The Order 1886 and FF XV whenever it comes out.



eaglebob345 said:

All I ever wanted, and still want, is Kingdom Hearts 3. It probably would have been better to put the HD collections on PS4, and/or XB1 and WiiU, that way when KH3 comes out it could be a nice collection.



banacheck said:

@eaglebob345: There is still KH 2.5 HD Remix coming to the PS3, so when KH3 comes out that will complete my KH collection.

There is so meny games i'm looking forwards too, from MGS: GS/PP, The Division, Destiny, Watch Dogs, The Witcher 3, The Order 1886, Infamous Second Son, DriveClub, Uncharted, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, The Evil Within. There are loads and these are only the one's we know about, the PS4 is going to be excellent.



eaglebob345 said:

@banacheck I know they have the HD collections on the PS3, I just won't be getting them because I already own all of the other KH games, and am waiting for KH3 to come out before I get another home console. I would even be sold on a Vita if it got a a KH spin-off. KH, MH, Pokemon, and LoZ are the series I follow. I am shooting for 3DS, Vita, Wii U, and PS4 this gen, however, if KH3 comes to Wii U, I might hold off on PS4 for some other games.



Gamer83 said:

Seems like it should be a good year. I'm still not completely sold on The Order but I did pre-order it and am giving the developers the benefit of the doubt. If that delivers, and inFamous, MLB The Show and Uncharted all make it out in 2014, it should be a great year for the PS4. Also really looking forward to some third party games like Thief and Destiny. Watch_Dogs and MGS V are maybes. Regardless of what platform people own there should be enough great games, exlusive and multiplat, to keep everyone happy. I'm really hoping Thief will kick off 2014 with a bang. I love stealth games and the franchise reboots published by SquareEnix the last few years have been fantastic so I have high expectations of this one.



Ps4all said:

I am looking forward to watchdogs, drivclub, infamous and the Witcher. On the indie front, I cannot wait for Minecraft!!!

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