After announcing a 3DS spin-off, perplexing our speech with Persona 4 Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold, and revealing a Persona 4-based dancing game, it looked like fans' dreams of a Persona 5 announcement had been crushed during Atlus' streaming event today.

Thankfully, the incredibly talented Japanese studio was holding the big announcement back as the finale, causing eager fans around the globe to launch into a collective frenzy. That's right, Persona 5 is heading to the PlayStation 3 in 2014 – or at least it is in Japan, meaning that we could easily be looking at a late 2015 Western release.

Nevertheless, the hype levels are currently off the charts, so sit down, take a deep breath, and have a look at the title's eerie teaser trailer below. Are you currently bouncing off the walls? Summon your persona in the comments section.