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Out Today: Tearaway Rips into Retail Outlets Around the World

Posted by Sammy Barker

Crafty classic

Media Molecule has pulled the wrapping off PlayStation Vita exclusive Tearaway today – and with the vast majority of you lusting over the PlayStation 4, we figured that you may appreciate the reminder. The title sees you take control of a miniature messenger named Iota or Atoi, who’s tasked with transporting a top-secret note to, er, you.

Indeed, you assume the role of an omniscient deity, smiling down on the papercraft planet courtesy of the handheld’s front-facing camera, while also employing your daring digits to smite devilish creatures called Scraps using the rear touchpad. “This is a shining example of how unique hardware features should be handled,” beamed associate editor Robert Ramsey in our 9/10 review.

With such high praise, this is an adventure that we think that you’d be mad to miss out on – but have you remembered to scribble down a reminder to pick up the release on your shopping list? Cut out a comment in the space below – and don’t forget to share your first impressions if you’ve already unfolded the campaign's opening moments earlier today.

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Spidernoir said:

I read that as "Rip out retailers outlets for some reason"

Anyway looks interesting may pick it up.



Ginkgo said:

The game looks great, and my daughter is hassling me for it as well, but I still say the timing of this release is crazy. It is going to get lost in the next-gen hype which is unfortunate.



Firejonie said:

I actually got this yesterday at Target. Some stores broke the street date.



Savino said:

Played the demo and think its great! Gonna buy it for my wife... I kind drawned in Hyrule right now!



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@Ginkgo not sure it will be lost, it will appeal to the same people that might buy knack and if they have a vita then why not buy? The PS4 launch lineup isn't vast.



Enobmah_Shards said:

I really hope this will sell alot of vitas and this one is a hunker to bring out the potential of this system.



Visiblemode said:

My god...this

It really is. Get this game. It's topping my expectations and they were high.



rastamadeus said:

Would love to be playing this today but Amazon haven't bothered to deliver it despite them saying it would be here yesterday.

To be fair though it probably wouldn't get a look in today what with the Merseyside derby and then Doctor Who.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@rastamadeus yes! Batman on vita doctor who batman on vita motd beyond two souls until I fall asleep wake up and watch transformers animated movie (1986) then maybe I'll consider buying this. Everyone seems to love it



rastamadeus said:

@RyoHazuki That was a great film. Still can't believe Eric Idle is in Transformers!
Looking forward to MOTD too but nothing is gonna compare with Doctor Who tonight. The last few hours have gone so slowly. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, haven't been this excited for something since I got my Nintendo 64 back in '97 or MegaDrive in '92.



rastamadeus said:

@RyoHazuki Imagine what Telltale could do with the licence. Make it an 8th Doctor story (so much unused potential with him and they could literally do anything they want) and watch the money roll in. May even send that to the BBC, easy money for them.

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