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Megan Fox Showcases Her Sniper Skills in Call of Duty: Ghosts' Latest Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Transformers siren puts in an appearance

We’re not sure that this Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer could be any more camp if it tried. The short – which aims to expose the soldier inside all of us – shows a pack of dim-witted bros engaged in a Frank Sinatra-scored shootout, all while hitting on an apathetic Megan Fox. It’s the ultimate male fantasy – and it’s just convinced us to pre-order a copy of the game. Marketing, huh?


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charlesnarles said:

hm.. I wonder how citizens of war-torn countries (or the soldiers who fight and die there) feel about the tone of this ad. steps down from soapbox
What are we actually supposed to think, tho, 'Even the fat kid can play!'? Why is it so... yeah, campy? I don't really feel that way about PS4; I wanna take next-gen games a little more seriously than this. Make it a paintball game if you want a happy-go-lucky atmosphere.
@Z9DaftRadio whaat? naw, she looks old, dude, like the skull on the cover. But I've never liked her, so there ya go.



rjejr said:

Sinatra > Megan Fox

Great commercial. And I'm pretty sure the "camp" appeal is going after fans of "The Hangover".



Lionhart said:

This is the BEST video game television advertisement that I've seen in a long time and boy is Megan Fox the foxy lady. I wish that Activision would create a comedic Call of Duty third person shooter video game in the vein of this trailer sort of like Battlefield Heroes but with better graphics.



charlesnarles said:

@get2sammyb I don't even think I'm that picky when it comes to looks (not super important to me), but I do think she looks significantly older than only a few years ago. 27 is plenty young, of course, but I want to marry Annie Hardy, so maybe I'm only attracted to talented women. '~`



Ginkgo said:

Really don't understand the Sinatra decision. hmm. Other than that, I would say the trailer knows it's target audience well.



ShogunRok said:

Oh right so it's a trailer aimed at people with a generic taste in women, generic taste in games, and terrible taste in music.




ThreadShadow said:

Beautiful woman. You can tell something is wrong with the world because so many people would rather go crazy over the boyish little girl from Juno instead.

These guys have huge smiles on their faces, like they are on holiday, as they take lives. That seems a bit psychotic. Even though they're advertising a game, it just doesn't sit right.

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