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Knack's Quest Has Already Started on iOS Handsets

Posted by Sammy Barker

Rummage up some relics

If you absolutely can’t wait for the PlayStation 4, then free-to-play iOS spin-off Knack’s Quest should help you to pass the minutes until next week’s release. The puzzle title – which was officially acknowledged earlier in the year – sees you matching jewels in order to help the eponymous hero grow. There’s both a campaign and an endless mode, which you’ll unlock once you’ve completed all of the levels.

Even better, you’ll be able to transfer any progress that you make to the main game. This will help you to unlock key relics and gadget parts quicker, which will allow you to boost your performance and also kit out the PS4 exclusive's cast in different costumes. The application’s available now on iOS platforms, and is due out on Android devices imminently. Sadly, it seems like the PlayStation Vita is out of the equation for the minute. Are you planning to give this a go? Match three in the comments section below.


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Hokage17 said:

I downloaded it yesterday for my iphone and it plays sorta like a less difficult, more fun spin-off of Candy Crush. One thing I will say, it made me more interested in Knack.



Ginkgo said:

I find it really strange that Sony is not supporting the Vita with all of the iOS/Android apps that it is releasing at the moment (not just this one). I'm guessing they will come, but it just seems like a strange omission to me.



Ps4all said:

I downloaded it, then I had my wife play through it as I am terrible at these types of games. I did enjoy it(just bad at it) and I have already picked my copy of knack up at gamestop.

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