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Knack Rattles and Rolls in Cinematic Launch Trailer

Posted by Sammy Barker

Remember, red is bad

Japan Studio’s family-friendly PlayStation 4 launch title Knack may have lacked strong review scores – but it looks excellent once again in this cinematic launch trailer. Alright, we’re still not sold on the eponymous hero's Barry White-esque baritone vocals, but the visuals have come a long way since the title was revealed earlier in the year. Have you smashed your way through this yet? Let us know.


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DVS said:

I'll be getting it launch night here in the UK. Having played it a number of times I'm really looking forward to co-op with the wife. I know it's got a few bad reviews, the worst review I've read, in terms of actually discussing the game, is on IGN. I really don't think the reviewer, Steve Butts, gets it at all. It's really fun and is right at the front of the list of next-gen games I want to play. I can't wait to play Knack!



banacheck said:

I love games like R&C, CB etc so i might not have it for 29/11, but i'm picking it up just before or just after xmas.



Cloud7794 said:

Game seem's pretty good so far I come from the age of pre-2008 MMO's so I'm completely at home with overly-tough challenges (seems many people ridiculed its repetitiveness and unnecessary difficulty, among other things).

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