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Italy's PS4 Launch Event Was Way Better Than Yours

Posted by Sammy Barker

Lights and sounds

Hardware launch events are always enjoyable because the sense of energy among consumers is infectious – but Sony’s Italian branch opted to elevate the experience to an entirely different level in Rome overnight. As opposed to handing out t-shirts and pizza to celebrate the PlayStation 4’s release, the platform holder instead opted to project an outrageous lightshow on the historic Castel Sant'Angelo – and the results were nothing short of staggering.

Using a fusion of spotlights, lasers, and lots of dubstep, the firm transformed the ancient landmark into a futuristic hotspot – even tricking onlookers into thinking that the building had been destroyed at one point. We’ve included Sony’s official clip as well as an amateur recording in the space below. Are you impressed by this enlightening exhibit? Wave a glow stick in the comments section.


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