Polyphony Digital's PlayStation 3 swansong Gran Turismo 6 is racing onto store shelves very soon, and to celebrate, the Japanese studio has released a trailer detailing the game's GPS visualiser mode. For the uninformed, this mode allows you to save your real world racing data to a USB and then compare it to your in-game performance.

It's powered by CAN-Gateway ECU technology, originally developed by Toyota, and uses the vehicle's position, RPM, speed, and several other pieces of information to bring a simulation of your real-world driving into the game. The video demonstrates the new feature, showing a side-by-side comparison of in-game and real-world footage of the Willow Springs International Raceway.

Those of you who don't live within driving distance of in-game tracks needn't worry, though, as the app can use GPS data to create custom courses. That's right, you can take part in daring and dangerous drag races in your very own street – your neighbours won't know what's hit them. Will you be terrorizing your sleepy suburbs, or do you plan on speeding past Gran Turismo 6? Rev your engines in the comments section below.

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