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Get Your First Glimpse of Freedom Wars' Gameplay Here

Posted by Robert Ramsey

What you'd expect

With God Eater 2 making waves in Japan, hope for Sony's portable console is at a high in its home territory right now. Helping matters further is this intriguing gameplay trailer for Freedom Wars – a title that's also partly from God Eater studio Shift.

While the video doesn't show too much, it does give a decent look at what general gameplay will consist of. Taking down huge monsters with the help of allies is unsurprisingly the crux of the experience, but you'll also have to rescue the poor souls trapped inside of the beasts and carry them to safety. Both the character and enemy designs look stylish, but we can't help but feel that the urban environments are very much on the bland and uninspired side. Still, there's plenty of time before the game's 2014 Japanese release date, and this early glimpse of the fast-paced combat is promising. Are you holding out for a hero? Are you already assembling a squad of friends to help tackle the gigantic creatures? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Sanquine said:

8 players! 8 players hunting. That this isn't pointed out by the gaming media is a shame..



banacheck said:

That looks very good, we could work together an a 8 player team and rip them apart.



k_andersen said:

I'm really digging the enemy designs in this game. Now I just have to find some people to play it with.



Bliquid said:

I see some very interesting and new to the genre game mechanics, like the grapple climbing, the 8 players coop, the post-killing delivery and such.
It's a pity that the artistic direction of characters, beasts and environments seems too derivative and bland, like a less inspired God Eater.
Well, if it plays cool, bring it anyway, i love monster hunting.



Gemuarto said:

Maybe it's time to stop making Monster Hunter clones? And create new trend? Like, for example - open world hunting game combining single player and co-op. About intergalactic hunter who travels through planets on his spaceship and hunts for strongest species. Yeah, like ****** predator from the movie. Yeah combine Destiny with Monster Hunter, already. Or GTA with Monster Hunter. Stop making those clones from early PSP days. It's already 10 years after MH1 realese and we still playing it's clones with some tweaks. Maybe it's time to move on. To create your own genre that will captivate everyone. To tell you the truth, I can't stant this tired hunting ******* anymore.



Sanquine said:

@Gemuarto You mad? Dude, some people like uuhhm me like hunting games. And if you watched the video there are enough elements that this is not an Monster hunter clone.

1. 8 players at once
2. You travel through a whole city outside panticpon
3. Enemies are immortal you can only weaken them to free the hostage
4/ The abductor/ enemy is going after you. So from offense mission to diffense mission



Sanquine said:

@artemisthemp It's sony Japan. Every title has come to the west. Puppeteer, soul sacrifice and gravity rush... These guys are one of the best developers from sony



InsertNameHere said:

I really like the direction Japan Studio is going in terms of art. Soul Sacrifice still has this beat, but Freedom Wars has some pretty awesome looking characters and creatures.

And don't get me started on the grappling and 8 player hunting. Hopefully this gets the attention it deserves because it looks fantastic.

@Gemuarto It's not a MH-clone, its just a game that occupies the same genre. And with the Vita doing better in Japan, of course they're going to make these types of games because just like shooters seem to be the favored genre in the West, monster hunting rpg's are favored in the East.



AVahne said:

Soul Sacrifice apparently came out in NA a mere 1 month after the JP release, so I have really high hopes for this coming stateside.



Spidernoir said:

It's good thing I invested in a Vita then.

Will gladly pick this up for the 8 player co-op experience.



Gemuarto said:

@Lelouch @Sanquine meh... I think you guys see things that not exist.

Also, it's not open world game, you just chose mission on the map and spawn in some small district and beat crap out of the monster. Same old formula with some new features.

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