With God Eater 2 making waves in Japan, hope for Sony's portable console is at a high in its home territory right now. Helping matters further is this intriguing gameplay trailer for Freedom Wars – a title that's also partly from God Eater studio Shift.

While the video doesn't show too much, it does give a decent look at what general gameplay will consist of. Taking down huge monsters with the help of allies is unsurprisingly the crux of the experience, but you'll also have to rescue the poor souls trapped inside of the beasts and carry them to safety. Both the character and enemy designs look stylish, but we can't help but feel that the urban environments are very much on the bland and uninspired side. Still, there's plenty of time before the game's 2014 Japanese release date, and this early glimpse of the fast-paced combat is promising. Are you holding out for a hero? Are you already assembling a squad of friends to help tackle the gigantic creatures? Let us know in the comments section below.