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Feature: Uncharted PS4 - Raising the Anchor on Naughty Dog's Newest Adventure

Posted by Sammy Barker

Black flag

The golden age of pirates may not be decaying in Davy Jones’ locker after all, as it seems almost certain that Naughty Dog’s newly announced Uncharted title for the PlayStation 4 will be sailing the seven seas in search of spoils – and, judging by the tone of the teaser trailer’s irritable narrator, trouble. The ferocious oceans of the 17th and 18th centuries have been attributed to the Californian developer for a while now, as a leaked image from a The Last of Us documentary showed a picture of a couple of character models sporting age appropriate apparel. These outfits are yet to appear as add-on packs in existing games, so it stands to reason that they’re part of the developer’s next release – which we now know is in production for Sony’s next generation console.

We’re expecting a narrative that hops around different timelines Assassin’s Creed style

Of course, this is where it gets really interesting. Co-president Evan Wells mentioned during last night’s Spike TV broadcast that there are plenty of hints hidden in the trailer regarding the nature of its next game – but some of them are more obvious than others. The most instantly recognisable thing is the aged nature of the map that the footage pans over, alluding at some form of antique documentation. The scrawl is rich with piratical icons, from fairly commonplace anchors right through to a Jolly Roger-esque insignia right at the end. Fascinatingly, this wears the hallmark 'Hodie Mecum Eris in Paradiso', which translates from Latin to 'Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise'. But what does it all mean?

Well, this is a direct quote from the Bible, and supposedly reflects several of Jesus Christ’s final words. Interestingly, though, it’s accompanied by a hand scribbled message, reading 'For God and Liberty'. This was the motto of the Libertatia, a late 17th century colony occupied by dozens of famous pirates such as William Kidd. The precise location of the (potentially fictional) utopia is unknown, but it’s said to encompass islands such as Île Sainte-Marie, which is located just off the East Coast of Madagascar. The trailer shows an ‘X’ over the abovementioned land mass, suggesting that there may be treasure of some kind hidden within the area.

Fascinatingly, a pirate named Henry Every (or Avery depending on your academic documentation of choice) operated in this area between 1694 and 1696, where he’s believed to have settled with a fortune scored from a 25-ship convoy of Grand Mughal vessels. Records suggest that the haul made the notorious sailor the richest pirate on the planet, finances which he supposedly moored right around the area marked on the map in Naughty Dog’s trailer – no doubt attracting the attention of treasure hunters such as Nathan Drake. Of course, you can’t make a fortune without ruffling the feathers of your comrades, and Every was supposedly a treacherous soul. This is once again indicated in the trailer when a hand written note points out that the seafarer “betrayed us all”.

Exactly how it all ties into the voice over is unclear, though. The developer has confirmed that American actor Todd Stashwick will play a character in the game, but his accent suggests that he’s not voicing a pirate. Interestingly, there had been some speculation that Francis Drake – the supposed ancestor of our hero – would be the main protagonist in the title, but while he did sail around Madagascar in the late 16th century, and as such is certain to factor in some way, the map depicted in the trailer is from much later. This can be evidenced by the reference to Fort Dauphin, which was not named as such until 1643 – some fifty years after the privateer’s passing.

Given the clues – and previously mentioned leaked images – we’re expecting a narrative that hops around different timelines Assassin’s Creed style. There’s a possibility that we’ll see the Île Sainte-Marie from numerous perspectives, perhaps spanning Francis Drake, Henry Every, and the modern day hero. Indeed, given the accent of the voice over and iconic nature of the cast, it seems unlikely that Naughty Dog will be forcing Nate, Sully, and Elena to walk the plank any time soon, and so we expect this story to boast a much more ambitious unison of time periods than previous entries. It’s something that the developer’s dabbled with before, of course, with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception depicting the earlier adventures of the sharp-tongued star in his infancy.

For now, this is all we really have to go on. The award-winning studio has said that we won’t be seeing much of Uncharted PS4 for some time, though we have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll surface during next month’s VGAs – or VGXs as they now appear to be known. Do you think that you’ve found the secret to Drake’s latest daring escapade? Do you agree with our theories, or do you think that we’re sailing in the wrong direction? Set a course for the comments section below.

[ With thanks to Ginkgo ]

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User Comments (17)



RaymanFan2 said:

Nice analysis.
I translated the Latin for myself, but looking for anything more seemed a bit daunting :P



Deehan1888 said:

I think the voiceover will be the villain. Given the pirate style outfits found in The Last of Us documentary I think there will be flash backs. Nate will definitely feature though Uncharted is not Uncharted without him. Can't wait for more details



get2sammyb said:

@Deehan1888 Yep, I think you're bang on. There's a lot of slavery-esque references in the dialogue — at least, that's what I got out of it — but I found that difficult to link into the other stuff. Obviously, slavery was prominent throughout the pirate period — but I'm not sure how the "modern" character fits into that. This guy sounds like an acquaintence of Drake's perhaps that got crossed?



charlesnarles said:

-Obligatory snarky troll comment regarding AC3/4 being ripped off and it sounding boring-
I didn't even play 3 other than online for free. Although It does sound more interesting than being a guy playing another guy playing a privateer playing an assassin (so far removed!!) sorry, I just thought they'd wanna move on by now



RaymanFan2 said:

I heard an interesting theory... given U3's touch on Nate's false heritage, perhaps the guy in the voice-over is Drake's true descendant, and Nate took his name and left him for dead 15 years ago?



Epic said:

After beating Uncharted 1-3 twice and once Golden Abyss, I'm kinda done in a denial state with the franchise.
The story is good and everything but in the end most of the gameplay is cover, shoot, reload, push foward, repeat step 1.
I hope they might change all this on Uncharted 4 but for now my hype stays on the box.



Cloud7794 said:

I haven't played the Uncharted series myself, but my little bro, who played them extensively, seems to think we may see the return of your "companion" from the heist in the beginning of Uncharted 2. Not sure myself, just throwing that lot in there.



rjejr said:

@Epic - Thats how I felt about GoW: Ascension after playing thru all the HD remasteres, I had had enough of Kratos. Someday though.

Nice detective work Sammy. I don't hear any slavery dialog though, just the usual: 2 guys rob a museum, 1 guy gets caught and spends 15 years in jail while the other goes frees. Throw in @raymanFan2 comments about heritage - though I'm leaning towards stolen identity - and this all makes sense.

I can't imagine they were would be dual timeline players a la AC but maybe the first couple of hours are in the pirate past as a set-up and then the rest of the game is Drake. It's hard to even tell if the voice-over is past or present. I spent the whole time trying to decide if he was the cartoon Batman or not. Everybody sounds like a cartoon Batman to me.



get2sammyb said:

@rjejr That's fair. "Some chains can never be broken" made me consider the slavery thing, but I think @RaymanFan2 is much closer to the mark. I definitely think the accent is present, though.



RaymanFan2 said:

@get2sammyb To add to my theory... "And when your lies come crashing down around you" could refer to Nate's lies about his heritage. Perhaps this is some time in the future and Nate has made some grand discovery and become famous, and this man intends to let everyone know who he really is (or isn't).



sackninja said:

@RaymanFan2 Crazy idea: Nate is going to be marries to Elane at the end of 3 right. And she wants him to give up the treasure hunting thing. But one of the other characters (Chloe or cuttter) comes to him with one last mystery. And when an old nemesis of Nate's sees his chance to get revenge he gets involved. Someone who Nate betrayed. He doesn't go for the treasure. He just uses it s a way to tear Nate's life apart, killing his friends one by one throughout the game (This gets pretty dark doesn't it)exposing his lies. And in the end Nate saves the world from some mysterious enchanted evil, and is left with the lives of his friends on his conscious. Bam end of uncharted.

Meanwhile in the gameplay side of things I think that the touchpad could be used for a more indept hand to hand system loosely based off of batman arkham games. I would also love some kind of underwater temple scene ala atlantis but it's water tight. And you have to fight your way out while you and the enemy use rocket launchers to fight filling the place with holes. And water is pouring in from every angle of course dynamic so it's not set where will be blown up.



Big-Boss said:

To 6% ATM who voted for new IP, The Last Of Us says hello ;) or do we meant another one to start off next gen? Current gen should i be saying?

My thoughts on Uncharted 4
Needs to take the route Uncharted 2 took single player story wise, consistent, epic, top-notch not what was going on in Uncharted 3 for almost half of the story.
Needs to take the route Uncharted 2 and 3 took in terms of various multiplayer options.
Gameplay we can all agree this needs to be revamped such as something more exciting, i can't put my finger on what exactly though something. Thats all for now.



rjejr said:

@Legendaryboss Not sure I'm reading you correctly but I've always felt 3 should have come before 2. 2 is perfect throughout, but 3 has a rally bad first half adn only picks up when Elane picks them up at the airport. 3 also had th emisfotunre of coming after 2, 2 came after 1 so it had nowhere ot go but up. Had 3 come out 2nd and 2 the finale 2 would still be better though.

I don' tknow a thing abut multiplayer for these games.

Uncharted 4 could be the game that makes me buy a PS4. That, Last Guardian and Beyond Good & Evil 2 would make me buy one for sure. inFamous 3, aka 2nd son which I just got the joke now - it's called 2nd but it's the 3rd game, now I flel foolish - looks good but not $400 good.



Ginkgo said:

@get2sammyb Slave trading could definitely be part of the game, because it was rife at that time and many pirates participated. However, I am not convinced that anything in the trailer really suggests it.

The text of the trailer is :
Some chains can never be broken. I lost 15 years, buried alive, erased.
You left me rotting in that hell hole and never looked back.
But you can't outrun the past and when it catches up.
When all your lies collapse around you, I'll be there, sifting through the wreckage.

To me that sounds like being locked in a jail or dungeon. Nothing else fits the idea of chains, buried alive, hell hole that I can think of.

I have searched high and low for an historical event that matches and cannot find anything, so it relating to Drake in modern day makes sense. I have heard someone on the net suggest that Robert Drury fits, but I can't see it. He was ship wrecked, not betrayed and not held in chains.

I also wonder if "Abandon your hopes" is a reference to Dante's Inferno. "Abandon hope all ye who enter here", which was apparently used on a sign in Alcatraz.

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