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Europeans Can Now Pick Up a PS4 and Vita Bundle for Under £500

Posted by Kell Andersen

Who needs Black Friday?

If you're heading out to wait for greatness in a PlayStation 4 midnight launch queue tonight, you may want to consider bringing a bit of extra cash. Well, if you don't already own a PlayStation Vita, that is. A recent report from has revealed that select retailers around the UK will be offering PS4 and Vita bundles for under £500 ($817.05).

The PS4 usually sets British customers back a cool £349.99 ($571.92), while the Vita retails for around £149.99 ($245.10). All things considered, the bundle should result in a measly saving of around £10 ($16.34). It's a little underwhelming, to say the least, but Sony UK boss Fergal Gara is quick to point out that these deals are only temporary. "We're working with our retail partners to put across that proposition as well as we can," he stated. It seems that this bundle is only a quick fix put in place for the next-gen launch, then. "It's not a hard bundle pack at this point in time," he continues. "It's us working with the retailer to effectively deliver a soft bundle."

Will you be attending a midnight launch tonight? Are these bundles tempting you to snatch up the handheld system while you're there? Line up in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

I'm not overly sure why they're bothering doing this now if they're not going to do it properly. Either wait until they have the proper packages ready, or wait until they do. All this is going to achieve is souring people on the overall idea. A £10 saving is obviously better than nothing, but it's pretty close to pointless.



k_andersen said:

Announcing pointless bundles 10 hours before the console's launch is just silly, and I think it speaks to the overall way they seem to be treating the Vita. The bundle feels like an afterthought, and it makes me feel like Sony thinks the Vita is an afterthought. Which it obviously isn't. Weird stuff, indeed.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - "it's pretty close to pointless."

Agree, except I think it's almost worse than pointless, it's more like a negative, as people get annoyed at the miniscule savings of the bundle. 500 does seem like a nice round number though. If it were $500 in the US I'ld say it was a really good deal.



ShogunRok said:

Yeah what seems utterly stupid is the fact that they've only announced this now. A huge amount of buyers will have already ordered their console online and it'll be sent out today.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@get2sammyb joke, like I said in earlier post. Its lazy. They should have offered this months ago. I bought a vita while waiting for ps4 euro launch. Its the only complaint I've had during the whole launch, why did they not think to do this earlier. Conclusion is its just lazy marketing. Poor old vita.



naruball said:

That's a very clever move, actually. Demand for ps4 is huge, so these bundles will sell well/out no matter how much they cost. If someone wants a ps4 and it's sold out everywhere, they'll probably buy this bundle and then maybe try to sell the vita on ebay. Some others will give it a go and realize just how good the vita is. Either way, Sony is not losing any extra money and they give a hardware boost to the vita.



Punished_Boss_84 said:

Now? I thought it was launching sometime in December?

While i will join others in saying this is rushed there are practically thousands of people of millions diving into stores buying a PS4, seeing a PS4/Vita combo could i dunno tempt them.

Although marketing hasn't arrived yet at least to my knowledge, so the benefits i.e. remote play hasn't been sold to them. Might be perceived as an unnecessary extra, when it ain't.

But my thoughts on remote play are negative so lets leave it as that.



Farmboy74 said:

If you have the money, surely it would be better to pick up the tearaway & little big planet bundle from Amazon for £150??. I agree it's to late for people like me who pre-ordered. I ordered the Killzone mega bundle and if I brought the Vita Tearaway bundle as well for a total cost of £600 I would get a PS4, Vita, two DS4 controllers, PS Eye, Killzone Shadow Fall, Tearaway, Little big planet and 16GB memory card to boot now that's value for money. All I need to check now is that I have a spare £150.........

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