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Are You Skilful Enough to Be First to Greatness on PS4?

Posted by Cale Stolle

Make gaming history

One of the PlayStation 4's strongest assets is its emphasis on social connectivity. This means that the gaming community is more united than ever before, and now Sony wants you to work to climb to the top of the PlayStation pack. SCEA has launched a brand new website dedicated to gamers looking to test themselves across 64 different objectives.

Creatively dubbed 'First to Greatness', the site challenges players to upload Facebook clips of them completing various in-game tasks. These include unlocking Diamond Knack in Japan Studio's throwback platformer, and landing a Stark Jet on Stark Tower in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Completing the challenges will naturally give you bragging rights on the increasingly social system, but there's more to the competition than boasting. Indeed, Sony's revealed that it will be using the uploaded footage to concoct a special remix of the 'Perfect Day' advertisement, which we assume is just going to be a montage of awesome 'Share' moments. That's a pretty neat idea.

There's even more mystery behind this challenge, but we're yet to get the full details. Social media manager Sid Shuman noted on the PlayStation Blog that "a cool new experience" will be unlocked over time, but "we'll leave it to you to discover". What could it be? Are you aiming to be the first to attain greatness? Upload your battle cries in the comments section below.


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charlesnarles said:

"Be first to buy and platinum every PS4 launch title"
Wow, that is blatant, but it'll be great for folks with nothing but time and money on their hands (oh, and a ds4, of course)



AD-80 said:

@charlesnarles I haven't seen the official challenges but I heard one of them is "get 3 headshots and share that video" so i'm not 100% sure your claim is valid. Then again my claim isn't 100% valid either. I don't have time for proof, but the contest is to be in the next Sony commercial. Only this time you have to legitimately with the contest. I actually think the idea is kind of cool.



charlesnarles said:

@AD-80 sorry, it is an advert, after all. I like the idea too, don't get me wrong, I just resent it being a one-winner competition, I guess. What's the point in participating if there's no way I'd win?

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