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Are You in Europe? Don't Worry, PS4 Is Right Around the Corner

Posted by Sammy Barker

Let's do this again

It’s been a mad month so far with the North American launch of the PlayStation 4 – but it sure isn’t over yet. While we’ve had a week or so to calm down as the lucky folks in the Land of the Free get to grips with the next generation console, we’re psyching ourselves for round two, as the system readies itself for release in Europe on the 29th November.

And this image posted on Reddit evidences just how close the platform now is. You may have been made to wait an extra fortnight to play the format, but at least you’ll be recompensed with the awesome Killzone: Shadow Fall Mega Bundle. The compilation includes a 500GB console, a copy of Guerrilla Games’ first-person shooter, two DualShock 4s, and a PlayStation Camera.

The picture shows a batch of these packages sitting in a retailer’s warehouse, waiting to be sold on Friday. What are you getting with your console? How are you filling the time before launch? Are you attending a midnight event? Jump up and down in anticipation in the comments section below.


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Cowboysfan-22 said:

Can't wait to play with you chaps! Maybe some of y'all will suck worse than me at Battlefield 4 so I won't feel so bad



Farmboy74 said:

I'm working the 29th, most likely have to pick mine up from the post office Saturday morning



Reverend_Skeeve said:

Just wanted to give a heads up to any German Pushsquare-folks that might lurk around here...specifically any who live in or close to Berlin (or are crazy enough to drive a long distance):

Sony has a huge Sony Store at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and will be hosting a PS4 pre-launch event on Thursday, Nov. 28th, starting 17:00 local time.

After the usual yay-PR-stuff and some forgettable musical acts, they will start to sell a huge contingent of PS4 consoles to the attendees, starting 19:00. According to a statement on the German Playstation Blog, they have a hefty amount in the store, so every interested shopper should be able to snatch one.

Here's the full details:

Now...guess where I will be on Thursday afternoon?

edit: Corrected some typos. The excitement got me...



Farmboy74 said:

I've got the weekend off as usual, when I originally pre-ordered my PS4 I wasn't working full time as a plumbing lecturer, only part time. But people of sick and OFSTED coming means I'm a busy boy at the moment. Most likely set it up Saturday afternoon, with loading up Killzone and Assassins Creed 4 Sat night as I have young kids



blondlizard said:

yeah its gonna be interesting who skips work the following week, I'm looking at 4 straight days of PS4 gaming, then some remote play.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Farmboy74 Ah, I see...good choice of games...AC4 would be my 2nd launch game, could I afford it's just Killzone.

Have a li'll one, gaming time will have to be planned carefully. Was originally planning to burn away Friday night while the wife looks out for our daughter, but now it seems that I can start Thursday, because I have a the weekend plus Friday off.

Can't wait to hook up with you guys to play some online mp...



banacheck said:

Yeah this friday we get the PS4 playing Killzone4 which comes with it, got AC4 as well. Picking up Knack and i was going to get BF4 but as i' ve read loads of people complaining about it might get rivals, and get BF4 once its fixed another time.



cherrypoppa said:

I'm in New Zealand, I've taken Friday off work and I'm getting Killzone and Assassins creed 4!!!! I was going to get BF4 but have read that it's broken so might get N4S Rivals, not really sure, Can someone let me know which is the better game?? either way I can't wait!!!

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