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You Won't Even Need a PS Eye to Use PS4's Voice Commands

Posted by Sammy Barker

PlayStation, make lunch

Arguably one of the best kept secrets regarding the PlayStation 4 experience is the fact that it will employ voice commands. While this is a feature that Microsoft has talked extensively about for the Xbox One, Sony has pretty much kept it under wraps. After being rumoured earlier in the year, the functionality was quietly confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show, and again yesterday when the company outlined the next generation console’s inaugural firmware update. But the big news is that you won’t need a PlayStation Eye to take advantage of it.

Responding to a fan query on Twitter, likeable Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that you’ll be able to use the headset included with each system to navigate the machine’s dashboard with voice commands. It’s not yet clear how well this feature will work, but the platform holder does have some history in the speech recognition space, so hopefully it will be a viable alternative to, y’know, actually pushing buttons. Of course, this doesn’t render the PlayStation Eye entirely useless, as you’ll need the overhauled camera if you want to use gesture controls.

Are you willing to give the voice commands a shot, or will you be sticking with the tried and tested button prompts? Speak your mind in the comments section below.


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Tasuki said:

Wow the more I keep hearing about the PS4 the more I am glad I went with Sony this gen.



Gamer83 said:

I'll still with button prompts but nice to see Sony do wha makes sense rather than force you to buy another accessory.



Gamer83 said:


No moreso than Kinect. At least it isn't ridiculously overpriced, gotta give Sony points for that. Nothing beats a control pad though.



InsertNameHere said:

@Epic "Of course, this doesn’t render the PlayStation Eye entirely useless, as you’ll need the overhauled camera if you want to use gesture controls."

You also need it for The PlayRoom, Media Molecules project and any Move compatible games.



Munkyknuts said:

I'd still use the control pad but it just shows Sonys class that the PS4 has the voice control feature but they didn't need to babble on about it, they just display a quiet confidence in what they have achieved.



delukze said:

Of course I'll give it a try, won't use it always but hopefully there's speech to text



benrawr said:

@get2sammyb Oh come, come now Sammy! You're responsible for people knowing what these next gen things are called.
It's not called the PSEye anymore, it's simply the PlayStation Camera (:

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