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Want a Cheap PS Vita? Argos Has Got You Covered in the UK

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bargain bin

You may refuse to step foot into an Argos store on account of those awful alien advertisements, but it’s worth blurring your morals long enough to snatch an outrageous PlayStation Vita deal. The archaic catalogue-based retailer is currently selling a 3G version of Sony’s slick handheld for just £139.99. Incredibly, though, that’s not all.

The UK outlet’s exclusive bundle also includes a copy of Killzone: Mercenary, Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition, and an 8GB memory card – for free. The offer’s only valid until 22nd October, but this is the lowest price that we’ve seen the system anywhere in the country. You can find out more about the deal through here. Are you tempted? Open your wallet in the comments section below.


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rykkchii said:

I just checked argos online. Cheapest I can find is 179.99. Please advise asap where its 139.99 as I have my coat on ready to go



rykkchii said:

Thanks. That led me to me to this.. "Sorry this item is out of stock at your favourite stores and your 10 nearest stores. "
Damn you pushsquare for getting me all excited



masterchocobill said:

@rykkchii try cheacking your local Tesco, my sister has informed me they are £139 as well as she bought one for my dad for xmas the other day. Worth a look.



rykkchii said:

Sucks sweaty arses I actually fell for the bs marketing tool of advertising something really cheap knowing they wont have to sell it cos they have no stock. Cant believe I fell for it again. And pushsquare - you should check your story out before publishing



rykkchii said:

I am considering reporting Argos to Trading Standards. Upon further research, I have found it is impossible to buy a vita from ANY store in the UK OR online. As it is only until 22nd October (Tues) that status is unlikely to change, making the ad PURE bs. 2 games and a memory card free? Might as well promise a Rolls effing Royce with it too!!



get2sammyb said:

@rykkchii Click through here. Select option three. It says that there's no stock for home delivery, but you may still be able to order it at the discounted price and wait for the stock to be replenished. Alternatively, you can see if your local store has any stock remaining.



rykkchii said:

@get2sammyb Thanks for your help but that was the first thing I tried. Tesco have them for next day collection at £139 including free 8meg memory card and 10 DLC games, so for me thats a better deal. Cheers all



rykkchii said:

Oh for gods sake.. said "In stock" so I log in, go to chckout n get this.. "Sorry, we don't have enough Sony PSVita 3G and WiFi Console items in stock right now. This item (s) has been added to your save for later basket. You can try to purchase this item again by reducing its quantity."

I give up. A wasted afternoon cos I read this article.



Mallard said:

Well on the plus side, sold out stock means vita is starting to SELL, and if vita is selling more games will be made!



rykkchii said:

The only Vita games I'll get are PS+ freebies as I bought it simply for another screen and controller for my ps4. I finally got one on eBay btw. Console and 2 old games for £112

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