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Wait, How Does the PS3 Deal with the PS4's Larger Friends List?

Posted by Sammy Barker

We have answers, but they're complicated

With the launch of the PlayStation 4 next month, there’s a good chance that you’ll have three unique systems each connecting to a single PSN account. That brings with it some headaches, as there are some differences between the devices that will make managing features such as your Friends List more challenging. Fortunately, the platform holder has released some additional information on how this will all work so that you can wrap your head around it prior to release.

For starters, the PS4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation App will all be able to display up to 2,000 friends. This is a significant improvement over the PlayStation 3, which could only handle 100 friends. That’s not changing with the release of the next generation console, meaning that if you exceed the limit on one of the Japanese giant’s newer systems, you won’t always be able to access all of your contacts on the existing machine. But what will the device show instead?

Right, here’s where it gets complicated. To begin, the PS3 will show up to ten of both your most recently received and sent friend requests. If this tally in addition to the number of currently online players exceeds 100, these will be sorted alphabetically via online identification until the limit is reached. If that number doesn’t pass 100, then offline players will be included alphabetically until the total is achieved. Are you keeping up?

If the figure still doesn’t cross the limit, then the system will filter in any further outstanding friends requests. Of course, if you haven’t reached 100 friends by this point, then you’ll probably be feeling like that poor unfortunate Forever Alone character. It’s a complicated algorithm, but we reckon that it just about makes sense. Scratch your head in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

@TOMBOY25 It wasn't easy to write. Basically:

  • 10 Most recent Friends Requests sent
  • 10 Most recent Friends Requests received
  • Remaining 80 slots filled with online players alphabetically.
  • If still not 100, any further slots filled with offline players alphabetically.
  • If still not 100, any remaining Friends Request included.




artemisthemp said:

So it only getting hard for PS3 users to manage their friend list, while Vita and PS4 is golden.



get2sammyb said:

@TOMBOY25 Haha, well it's there in the comments for those who are confuddled.

@artemisthemp Yeah, pretty much. Of course, this all depends on whether you exceed 100 friends in the first place. It's a HUGE number.



Munkyknuts said:

Meh I only have 3 friends on my PS3 anyway...I don't think I'll ever have an issue with running out of space.



odd69 said:

I bet it would be easier if we could get some hands on with the ps4, i think. It is quite confusing isnt it



Stuffgamer1 said:

I think they need to add a way to select who appears...there are certain people I would want to make sure were always available on PS3, and I don't like the thought of them not showing just because they're far along alphabetically. I mean, is there no way to interact with the people who aren't displayed? That could be a huge problem for some people!

Not that I've hit 100 on PS3 yet, and I honestly have a lot of people on my list I don't need, but still...



Paranoimia said:

I never got anywhere near the original 50, let alone the revised 100... and probably will never get near the the new 2000 limit.

I don't see the point, to be honest. Of those on your list, how many are actual friends/relatives, and how many do you actually play with regularly? How many are just random adds that you never interact with? How many can you honestly say you've had anything to do with after the initial process of adding them?

I have a couple of close friends, a few people I know from Twitter and other social media, and a few from sites like this (including Sammy). I don't accept random adds.

Total? 21 people, after 6 years. And 'real life' friends aside, I rarely interact with any of them, nor they with me. Perhaps that may change with PS4, as it's a far more social-oriented system - but I still don't envisage getting anywhere near the current 100, let alone 2000!

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