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Video: Reporting for Duty in DICE's Battlefield 4 Beta on PS3

Posted by Simon Thornton

Stand to attention

War never changes – it just gets refined. Never ones to shy away when the world’s plunged into military madness, we’ve been testing our Rambo-esque resolve in Battlefield 4’s beta over the past couple of days. But does the game feel like a true step forward for the franchise, or is it merely more of the same? Check out our full PlayStation 3 gameplay commentary to find out how the title's shaping up.

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charlesnarles said:

Looks pretty great on ps3, which only makes me want to wait for the better one, of course. There's no cross-gen multiplayer and each version gets its own career slot, so it'll be really fun to play for the first time with only the preorder folks. Too cool for school, man.



ShogunRok said:

Very nice video Simon, it looks nice, basically the same as BF3 on PS3. On PS4 it should look lovely. Liking the refined teamwork mechanics, assists and all that.

And that helicopter kill...



odd69 said:

Looks nice, im just now getting into the series,besides 1942 which i think is battlefield related.I got bad company last week on sale, once i finish it, im working my way up to this one.



UNC5052 said:

The pillars at the bottom of the tower have to be destroyed and then the tower will fall.



longshot28 said:

The controls for vehicles have a Veteran setting to go back to the BF3 system.



Savino said:

I played it last night on my pc and I was expecting a lot more!!!

Played with everything on ultra and I am still waiting to see that nextgen thing that the producers were talking about!!

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