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Tick Tock, It's Time for the First Tales of Xillia 2 Translated Trailer

Posted by Robert Ramsey

That time again

So, you're just about done with Tales of Xillia by now, we assume? If so, you're right on schedule to catch your first glimpse of the magical JRPG's sequel: the aptly named Tales of Xillia 2.

Set one year after the original, the second Xillia instalment follows the tale of a young man called Ludger, who can be seen transforming into an empowered state in the trailer that we've embedded below. The video itself is mostly made up of a nicely animated and moody cutscene, with a few sprinkles of gameplay here and there. Knowing publisher Namco Bandai, though, it won't be long until we're gazing at lovely in-game footage.

Have you battled your way through the first game? Did you enjoy it enough to warrant a purchase of its successor? Level up with us in the comments section below.

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Sanquine said:

This next to tales of xilia/ Ni No kuni and i have some good JRPG on my PS3. Also buying al old Disgea titels for PS3 and vita. Couldnt find any copy.... But my new favorite game store has everything Even import with no charge YS Memorie of Celceta and Muramusa rebirth:D



Sanquine said:

@Alpha The store is called start but i live in Holland. This isnt some big retailer store. If you are interested in importing use eBay or seek a gamestore similar to mine

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