Push Square video editor Ben Potter has been howling at The Wolf Among Us harder than at a glamour model dressed in one of those saucy Little Red Riding Hood costumes – and now developer Telltale’s announced a PlayStation Vita port for the wannabe werewolf to slobber over. Yeah, we’ve told him that it’s not normal, but he’s not taking a blind bit of notice.

Details regarding the port are actually pretty limited. The game will allow you to use the handheld’s analogue sticks or touchscreen, and will feature the same episodic structure and fairytale-inspired drama as its console cousin. Neither a release date nor price has been confirmed yet, but the title definitely won’t support cross-buy, so you'll need to pay again if you want to team up with protagonist Bigby on the go. Hey, things could be worse – you could be a giant talking toad trapped in Manhattan.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]