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Shin Gundam Musou Looks Like Absolute Carnage

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Mega mecha

It's no secret that this particular writer is an obsessed fan of anything Gundam related, and this newest trailer for Shin Gundam Musou has certainly got the hype levels rising thanks to its seemingly unending lust for total mech mayhem. Currently only set for release in Japan, Western fans will know the title as the next instalment in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam franchise – essentially the only Gundam video game property that manages to boost its way overseas these days.

The video itself probably features more explosions than Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 combined, with popular mobile suits decimating entire armies with a few flashy attacks. Making things even more chaotic than ever, this latest entry sees the introduction of more powerful long range beam attacks, so you won't be stuck wading into fights with just your favourite melee weapons.

Do any fellow Gundam fans push square? Slap on a pilot's helmet and radio us in the comments section below.

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divinelite said:

Definitely an import. If by any slim chance it comes to West psvita I'll go double dip



InsertNameHere said:

I haven't played any Dynasty Warrior-esque games in a while, but I'd definitely pick this up if it made its way stateside.



divinelite said:

Still in rage no one piece musou in vita (translated). I hope this got translated even better with physical



divinelite said:

And yeah, this has more opportunities coming to stateside rather than gunpla breaker. Another important from me



ShogunRok said:

This game has more chance coming west than any other Japanese Gundam title, that's for sure, since we got all three main Dynasty Warriors: Gundam releases.

If it's announced for an overseas launch, you can bet that I'll be slapping that news story up insanely quickly. Unfortunately, it making the journey on Vita is highly unlikely given other Warriors games haven't.



DoublezZ01 said:

Its about damn time!!! XD, I'm surpised this has an article on push Square!!! But in all seriousness ive been keeping up with the koei warriors forum and if u have never pick up and of the Previous 3, this is definitely the DW Gundam game u should pic up, its featuring major inhancements from the previous 3, and the roster is above 100 suits! And some units that should have been in have finally maid it, and some favorite newcomers such as my avatar have also maid it in!!! A touch up on realism and big fields have returned including space maps from number 2...and even fighting over the sea, u have suits that can swap out weapons finally, and a new Burst mode, cant wait to get my hands on this!!! IMO This should have been the first DWG koei released, they have really stepped there game up with this new 1 =)



grevin56 said:

It looks terrible... look at how the enemy AI reacts. Just standing there unmoving while you plow through them. It looks like you are fighting training dummies. I love Gundam, I still have my Gundam POD pilot's license in my wallet from Japanese arcades. I don't know, I never much liked Dynasty Warriors game because of the repetitiveness of the combat and this looks no different to me.



CanisWolfred said:

Hopefully Koei publishes this so I can get in on the carnage, too. I loved the last one.



CanisWolfred said:

@grevin56 Despite the trailer, they're meant to be fodder for your musou gauge, and it's fighting against other superpowered characters (who are much smarter and stronger) that's the real challenge. Also, it has some psuedo-strategy elelements to it.

Ultimately though it's supposed to be dumb fun and pure fanservice. Every once in a while it's just nice to wreck a bunch of guys.

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