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Rumour: Could This Be the PS4's First Ever Trophy List?

Posted by Sammy Barker


With the PlayStation 4 now roughly six weeks away in North America, pre-release consoles are beginning to make their way out into the wild. We’ve already seen footage of a system being switched on, but now the platform’s first Trophy list has leaked online. Unfortunately, it’s not for an especially interesting title.

Achievements tracking website Exophase – which pulls data directly from Sony’s servers – has uncovered something called ‘Tutorial Shooting Game’, which is supposedly for the next generation machine. Judging by the trinkets, it sounds like a multiplayer lightgun title, with awards for reaching certain score thresholds up for grabs.

According to site owner Mike Bendel, it’s unheard of for the platform holder to upload test lists to the PlayStation Network, so this is likely to be legit. While we’ve never heard of the title before, it could be a free application included with the console such as Welcome Park. We suppose that we’ll find out in due time. We’re sort of hoping that it’s genuine, because it looks like an easy opportunity to nab a couple of Gold Trophies.


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get2sammyb said:

@Legendaryboss It sounds like some kind of light-gun game. Perhaps it uses the DualShock 4's touchpad or lightbar? I don't know. It's definitely a weird thing to pop up. I believe that the Trophy list is legit - but whether it's just an internal test remains to be seen.



8vpiper said:

Sounds like something for move.. which is good now if only GG will give me move support



charlesnarles said:

lol enticing... I've always wanted a light gun built into a dualshock controller, not like move's gun with built in controller. A trigger would fit on the left side of the right stick's base and there could be "iron sights" made by L1/R1 with the emitter shooting out left by the d-pad. Anyways, maybe we get a syyyyck light gun like NES or Oddyssee : )



dudeware said:

Question, at the start of the article they talk about seeing a PS4 system being switched on but I cannot find a video or even an article that talks about it, can anybody link me to the article or video if possible?

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