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Ripstone: PS4 Is As Quiet As a Mouse, As Powerful As a Lion

Posted by Sammy Barker

As purrfect as a cat

Everyone loves a simile, but Ripstone Games co-founder Phil Gaskell arguably enjoys them more than most. The Liverpool-based publisher – which has worked on titles such as Pure Chess and Knytt Underground – has just received its very first PlayStation 4 console, and the head honcho has a thing or two to say about the system.

Asked on Facebook if the hardware sounds like a jet taking off, Gaskell responded that it’s actually rather discreet. “Not at all,” he beamed. “It’s as quiet as a mouse and as powerful as a lion.” The developer stopped short of sharing any further impressions, but we reckon that he definitely picked the right shirt in order to celebrate the arrival of the next generation machine.

Sony’s said on multiple occasions in the past that its impending console will operate in silence, in spite of its slender size. It seems like the manufacturer was not only successful in creating a sophisticated piece of kit – but also a pretty practical one.


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MadchesterManc said:

I think everyone will be happy as long as it doesn't sound like the original Premium model Xbox360 when playing a game from the disk. I remember the anxiety that used to distill at the thought that it might blow up in my face lol



-CraZed- said:

I cannot wait to have a similar look on my face in just over 28 days...



Alpha said:

PS4, most ppowerful console to date pretty much? dang i want this so bad, i need KH III



Lopezdm said:

I keep wondering how things will change when people start installing their own HD. Will it change the temperature? Will it make more noise?
No one knows yet, so I am just going to assume that a 2.5 laptop HD gives off the same temp as another. If not, that is something to think about.

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