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Ready at Dawn: The Order: 1886 Will Make It Tough to Return to PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Developer moving things forwards

The Order: 1886 raised dozens of questions at E3 earlier in the year. While it was one of Sony’s big announcements during the show, the platform holder failed to provide much solid information on the game. However, developer Ready at Dawn’s offered a blow out as part of the latest issue of Game Informer magazine – and it’s promising a true next generation spectacle that will make it difficult to return to the PlayStation 3.

“The trailer was completely in-game, all in-engine – it used all game assets, that’s the real stuff,” explained Ready at Dawn’s chief technology officer Andrea Pessino in a new video interview. “I think that once people get to experience this level of immersion and richness, people are never going to be able to go back to the previous generation. Whenever there’s a jump people always say that there isn’t go to be a difference, but there’s going to be a huge difference.”

As detailed in an earlier piece, the developer’s gone to extraordinary lengths to simulate certain materials and even emulate particular camera lenses. It hopes that such detail will add immersion to the narrative, which it’s also very excited about. “I think that people are going to be surprised by just how engaging this game is going to be in terms of investing in the characters,” Pessino added. “This is a story-driven game, so we fail if we don’t keep the player interested.”

But what’s the plot actually about? Well, one exciting snippet that’s emerged courtesy of creative director Ru Weerasuriya is that it will feature a re-imagined version of the famous Arthurian Round Table – and you’ll play as Galahad. These legendary knights will be fighting to bring an end to an ongoing war against a faction known as the half-breeds, who are slowly falling behind following the Industrial Revolution.

It all sounds fascinating, but we’re eager to actually see the game in action now. There are some new screenshots available in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, which you can order through here. In the meantime, you’ll just have to make do with watching the debut trailer all over again. Are you looking forward to returning to Victorian times? Let us know in the comments section below.


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ferrers405 said:

Of course everyone gonna play games in the new generation, but i for example have a huge backlog on PS3 and i still play games from PS1/PS2/PSP, graphics doesn't matter too much if your game isn't good Ready at Dawn, i wish some developers remember this from time to time, but i hope The Order is gonna be good.



Epic said:

Graphics don't make games, Gameplay and story do.
For me its just a nice extra.



ferrers405 said:

@Shellybird27 yeah i overreact i think, sorry, but the problem it's that i'm a little tired of some people just talking about engines, graphics, next generation and forgotten that games are about having fun, for me at least.



Gamer83 said:


I don't think it's that at all. This guy, and the few others, who are making next-gen exclusives (as opposed to cross-gen which is what most are doing right now) just want to draw attention to their games. I'm sure they know gameplay and fun above all is still what matters the most. The only developer I've ever heard talk about fun being overrated is David Cage. And it shows in the way he makes his 'interactive experiences.'



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@ferrers405 I think he didn't say that graphics are most fact, he said that The Order is a story driven game and that it's the goal to keep the player interested through story, so...

I can see why you were upset a little, though, for it seems that nowadays, there's a strong emphasis on graphics and sometimes gameplay suffers from that.

That said, I admit that I am caring very much about graphics myself, because I'm fascinated by technical achievements. One of the reason I'm so excited for next gen is that current gen graphics start to get "old" and unsatisfying for me. Not much into retro gaming either, mostly because of the graphics. But maybe that's because I play games for over 30 years now, so actually I played most old, retro games when they came out and were new and fresh, so I have no desire to go back or dwell on them when there's new games to check out.



ferrers405 said:

@Reverend_Skeeve yeah, i play games for over 20 years and this little "fight" about graphics is the same every generation, not that it doesn't matter and a game don't need beautiful/realistic graphics. This make me remember when i was a child and Sega claimed her superior graphic power over Nintendo, which in the end went bad because Nintendo made games with quality and fun while Sega was just about selling the next game fast, now the situation changed, but some yet insist with the question just graphics and sometimes forget gameplay and fun.



ferrers405 said:

@MadchesterManc Quite contrary, i owned a Master System and believe or not a Dreamcast (which was amazing), i just made a point about how the publicity was made by SEGA, sometimes were only based on superior graphic processing over Nintendo and Sonic is still one of my favorite characters of all time.

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