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Out Now: Beyond: Two Souls Explores the Other Side on PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Cage and Page

Ignore both Gran Turismo 6 and Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, and Beyond: Two Souls may just be the last major first-party exclusive that you buy for your PlayStation 3. We’ve certainly come a long way since launch title Resistance: Fall of Man, with Sony’s black behemoth now playing host to stunning digital recreations of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

Hollywood talent aside, though, the Quantic Dream developed release has divided critics. Many felt that the title’s impeded interactivity paired with director David Cage’s inconsistent writing damaged the experience. But while we agree that the story takes some strange twists, we reckon that the Parisian studio almost always manages to steady the narrative ship before it sinks without a trace.

“[The title’s] imperfections don’t necessarily add to its appeal,” we wrote in our review, “but this is still a game that you should experience. While the plot takes a number of questionable turns, the outrageously ambitious subject matter, coupled with the release’s downright staggering technological achievements, make the current generation opus worth examining all the same.”

Those of you in North America will have been playing the game for a few days now, while our compatriots in the UK should be receiving their copies as we type. As a consequence, we’d love to know your initial impressions on the release. Do you think that the reviews have been harsh, or are you not enjoying it as much as you expected? Did you get the Special Edition, or are you waiting for the game’s price to drop? Push the corresponding face button in the comments section below.

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longshot28 said:

The problem with the game is ......your choice doesn't matter. QD wanted to tell a story under the guise of choice. The narrative is disjointed (yes everything isn't in sequential order) but it feels lost even for the method they used.

The game is sloppy and the story is highly predictable (My wife guessed who aiden was ten minutes into the game and has never read anything on it)



get2sammyb said:

@longshot28 I agree that the sense of choice isn't as strong as in Heavy Rain. It's much more of an illusion here, and you definitely get the sense after a number of hours that you can't "fail" — where you could in the aforementioned game — because the story would break if you did.

I didn't guess the Aiden thing, though. I'm going to say that based on ten minutes of play, that was a sensible but lucky guess. Anyway, spoilers...



odd69 said:

I too am not bought on this title. Im glad others are enjoying it though



Splat said:

I'm actually doing a second play through as we speak mainly for trophies but I have really enjoyed the game.

It does have it flaws in the control department but I don't feel it's a game breaker.

I enjoyed the story for the most part and the ending caught me off guard. I probably should have seen that coming but didn't.

I'm a little bias though being a huge fan of these kinda games and a Ellen Page fan.



Cloud7794 said:

@longshot28 To be fair, I guessed the ending to Bioshock Infinite 15 minutes into trying it out over at a friend's. I started the game, got to Columbia, walked around for a few minutes, told him how it ended then put the controller down. I haven't read a single thing about the game (except "It's really good!" style quotes from people), and I also haven't played a single Bioshock game yet.



Epic said:

I'm tired of cinematic gaming so I will just skip this one for now.



MadchesterManc said:

Got a preorder of the special edition waiting for me to pick. Not able to grab it till tomorrow due to work though don't get enough releases like this



tabris95 said:

Finished this last night. Really enjoyed it but the ending left me wanting more. An extra DLC chapter to finish the story perhaps?

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