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Oh No, the Chocobo Eater Is Back in Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Posted by Sammy Barker

Foul fiend

There may be some debate over what actually constitutes a bad Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII cameo, but we’re pretty sure that we can all agree that the Chocobo Eater is not a character that any of us would like to see. The beast first appeared in Final Fantasy X, leaving us distraught at the idea that anyone would want to feast on our feathered friends. And now it’s back, chomping on a white winged bird thing.

Fortunately, the franchise’s pink haired protagonist is more than a match for the carnivorous critter. The video below shows the titular heroine kicking the absolute stuffing out of the creature, before attending to the injured Chocobo’s wounds. Drown out Hope’s whining voice, and this legitimately looks amazing. Remember when developer Square Enix said that high-definition towns were too hard to render? Well this game has them, as well as awesome customisation options and a super speedy battle system. Unbelievably, we’re actually excited...


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Epic said:

I still wonder how you guys come up with all these phns xD



Alpha said:

i wonder if i would enjoy this game? i didnt much care for FFXIII cuz it was a hallway simulator it felt like, and XIII-2 was a bit better, but not enough to get me to beat it. but the battle system in this has me intrigued.... minus the whole clothes switching thing.



charlesnarles said:

I hate that stupid monster. All FFX does is eat you whole, or smash you into the dirt with one hit, or kick-push you out of the battle so you just lose like it's some kinda sumo match. It'll be fun to see how he looks in XHD compared to this

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