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Journey Is [Not] Bringing Enlightenment to PS4 [Updated]

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Sets its sights on a new mountain

[Update] Better stop knitting that next-gen scarf – turns out thatgamecompany was actually talking about Flower in its awkwardly worded tweet. In a reply to one investigative follower, the developer wrote, "Oops, was talking about Flower, not Journey." That's our hopes and dreams crushed, then.

[Original story]With Flower floating effortlessly onto Sony's next generation console, thatgamecompany's stunning spiritual adventure Journey has also been confirmed to be making the, er, journey onto the newest black box.

Casually replying to a tweet that inquired as to whether Push Square's 2012 Game of the Year would make the leap to the PlayStation 4, the developer simply stated that "it is". Sadly, the tweet then goes on to admit that "we don't have any details, as we're not involved with the developing or marketing of it".

It's looking as though we're going to see plenty of PlayStation 3 classics polished up and introduced to the incoming machine, which is great news for anyone who happened to miss out on these fantastic experiences the first time around. But to be fair, we wouldn't hesitate to buy Journey over and over on any future platform.

Will you be walking the path to enlightenment once again? What other PS3 releases would you like to see on the PS4? Chirp with us in the comments section below.


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TromboneGamer said:

I feel cheated for buying journey collector's edition. Not sure how they're gonna improve the game, but I suppose I'll consider a second purchase.



get2sammyb said:

The game will look amazing on PS4, there's no doubt about that. Heck, it looks incredible already, so the resolution and framerate bump would only further that. I think it's smart bringing these games to the next-gen machine — not only will help bolster the library, but I suspect many, many people will be willing to double drip.



InsertNameHere said:

Hopefully Tekken Revolution and Soul Caliber get next-gen announcements, as well. I'd also like a GOTY edition of The Last of Us to makes it's way to the PS4, Naughty Dog could have all my money if they did that.



8vpiper said:

Just an opinion but I dont think journey is the type of game that needs 60fps, could use the horsepower for better fidelity
Cut up my scarf if wrong



divinelite said:

As one who don't have ps3 I really want journey, swan, and rain to ever come to ps4...

For flower, vita it is



NathanUC said:

Might not be the best place to voice this opinion.. but I'm slightly annoyed Journey scored so well and Beyond scored so poorly (I'm talking across the board, not any single source).

I don't think Journey could really look much better than it already did without changing the flow of the game. Maybe more particles of sand or something, but everything already ran smoothly and looked excellent. What was there to improve as far as this title is concerned? It's a very specific style

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