The Playroom is almost certainly one of the best demonstrations of the PlayStation 4’s unique features and functions – and it won’t even cost you a penny to play. While you’ll need the upgraded PlayStation Eye to enjoy the augmented reality application, Sony has confirmed that the software will come bundled with each new console for free.

That means complimentary Trophies for everyone, and they sure look easy to earn. Following last week’s leaked list – which we’re still not convinced is legitimate – Exophase has got its hands on the complete roster of digital trinkets for the camera-based affair. You’ll earn virtual awards for interacting with all of the application’s minigames, including its awesome interpretation of Pong.

Having completed most of the actions in this rundown during a recent hands-on, we reckon that it will take you twenty minutes at most to earn all of the treasures. Still, you’ll definitely have fun nabbing them. Want to peruse the full lineup for yourself? Point your browser through here. Hopefully, the recently announced Double Fine DLC will add some more challenging cups down the line.