Completing missions and playing "properly" is for losers – and for good people who've been pushed over the edge by frustrating server issues. Do you really think that morality matters when you're stomping around Los Santos as your digital alter ego, running over pedestrians and gunning down innocent bystanders? Well, it doesn't. So, without further ado, here's how to make some quick, easy, exploitative dough in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Once you've reached Level 15, you'll be offered a job by Gerald named 'Violent Duct'. You may not receive it immediately, but if you call him enough it'll spring up eventually. It's a very simple mission where you do a little shooting and drug-liberating, and should run you about five minutes in a duo or even less with a full team of four.

Completing the job earns you $9,000 each time you pass it, and you don't need to be a mathematician to figure out that that equals a lot of monies per hour. Unfortunately, the game forbids you from replaying missions immediately, so pay attention because here comes the science bit.

After finishing the objective, you'll be asked to like or dislike it before switching back to free-roaming. After you've rated it, press R2, as that's the button that you use to retry when you fail. It's vital that everyone in the lobby does the same thing, and if they do, it'll restart the mission and you can keep the cycle going for as long as you want. Simples, as an annoying insurance flogging meerkat might say.

Still confused? Check out the video below for a little more information.