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Guide: Here's How to Access Grand Theft Auto Online, When the Servers Actually Work

Posted by Push Square Staff

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Furthering developer Rockstar Games’ reluctance to do anything by convention, accessing Grand Theft Auto V’s hotly anticipated multiplayer mode is almost as complicated as quantum physics. In order to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together this handy walkthrough to get you connected to the online iteration of sunny Los Santos in five simple steps.

If you’re struggling with server issues, however, sadly this guide won’t help you. The developer’s said that it’s looking into the inevitable issues, which we suspect will take some time to solve. All that you can do is keep trying to join, and you might get lucky. Or you could go and do something else, and cross your fingers that it’s fixed by the time that you get back. (It won’t be.)

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Scollurio said:

Well thanks, but that video wasn't helpful at all, I wonder if there are really people who can't figure out how to play GTA Online...

What I would add is, that you can also press START in game, select ONLINE, then select "Play GTA Online" where you get a plethora of options like "play solo" or "invite only" so you are not forced onto a server with some hipsters booting you off the game just for fun (happened to me the only time I managed to connect)... Oh yeah and if you fail to connect your created character is gone too since it was never saved in the cloud properly.



rykkchii said:

Its still worth the effort tho. In the short time I was on I got to level 6, got a nice car and bought a swish apartment. Its only day 1 so I really didnt get mad once server troubles stopped me. Ive never lost my character yet tho!



Scollurio said:

I lost my character 3 times already and my PS3 (latest slim) completely hung on me 2 times. Meh. Not complaining really as I can see the challenge of a project like that, still Im disappointed because I wanna roll with my friends, good thing they can't connect either!



Batman said:

@Scollurio This video was never intended as an answer to the rampant server issues, but more as a "we should probably have a video for that" kind of thing.
Unfortunately there are a lot of upset people around that want their GTA Online fix and are looking for something to take out their frustration on, this video being one of those things!

Good luck getting online, brother



Bliquid said:

We all expected this, didn't we?
Rockstar did for sure.
I mean it sold more than 16 million copies, and i have a hunch that, at least 16 million ppl are trying to connect.
Not even WoW had ever had these numbers, and they had time to adjust.



Scollurio said:

@Confused_Dude I think youre missing the point here, I also meant that this won't solve the server-side issues but to me it was like "how to enter a disc into your PS3 and play" as I was not aware people might actually have trouble accessing the Online mode as in "finding it in the menue".



Batman said:

@Scollurio you'll be amazed at the things people require assistance with! As I previously mentioned, this video was created because it's a video that should be made. Someone out there will find a use for it and this is the same logic that every other website making a similar video will have used. Just because it's not helpful for you doesn't mean someone else won't find it useful



Scollurio said:

I just found something out, when you access online through the ingame menu for the first time and select "SOLO Session" you can create your character and watch the introduction to GTA Online, after that it encounters something like a glitch as it tries to find people for your first online race, which of course is not possible since youre in SOLO-Session, BUT this will have your char created and saved and you at least saw the introduction!



banacheck said:

Just to warn you guys your save files can get corrupted if your GTA Online character becomes corrupted, just back-up your save files if your trying it get on to GTA Online just incase your save files gets corrupted.

Since it launched this morning, players have already reported a number of issues, most of which are related to swamped servers. I've seen a few whispers of corrupted or otherwise effed up single-player saves too, so be wary of that.



Splat said:

I gave up on this disaster first day. Will trying again tomorrow...



MysteriousFreak said:

Online is terrible every time i play, or go to another game my character 1 corrupts.... i'm going to trade gta 5 in. it's terrible



DarthDiggler said:

Wait I am confused how did he do all that without first turning on the PS3? LOL
Thank you Captain Obvious for that thrilling and informative video.

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