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Good News, Grand Theft Auto Online Has Been Patched on PS3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Glimmer of hope

It’s been a fair few days since Grand Theft Auto V’s hotly anticipated multiplayer component was supposed to release, but it’s been plagued with issues ever since. That’s because, as expected, Rockstar Games’ servers completely crumbled within seconds of the mode launching. Fortunately, the company appears to be finally getting things back on track, starting with a brand new patch that launched on the PlayStation 3 this morning.

“Thank you everyone for continuing to bear with us since the initial roll out of Grand Theft Auto Online – we’re aware that a variety of technical difficulties have made it difficult to get access and that the experience has been a bit less than smooth for many of you who jumped in straight away,” the firm explained on its official website.

It went on to outline a number of recognised bugs, including the inability to progress beyond the tutorial mission, and server inconsistencies across the board. “We are identifying these issues now and are working to restore stability for users as soon as possible,” the firm said. “Please know that the entire team here at Rockstar and all of our relevant partners are and will continue to be working around the clock to get the experience to be as smooth as possible, as soon as possible.”

We’ve just installed the new patch and things appear to be running much better now. We were finally able to pass the tutorial mission, and didn’t encounter any errors along the way. Hopefully that means that the worst is now behind us, and we can get back to actually enjoying the game. It’s a shame that this issue occurred in the first place, but we suppose that the developer deserves some credit for turning things around relatively swiftly.


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Scollurio said:

Well I could go past the tutorial race - once again - quite easily, ownly to have my character with its car disappear and then reappear just as a pistol without character with all HUD gone too. Uhm.



Splat said:

Am I the only one that has no trouble getting online, but has yet to see another player? I can't do any missions because I can't find anyone else to join.

I have had friends invite me and it won't let me join and I have invited them and nothing

Technically I can play online but by myself...



Epic said:

I can now play online it all works but now the problem is people trying to kill you and some noisy people using headsets.



Splat said:

@get2sammyb - I'm pretty special.

This game is going to be collecting dust when Beyond comes out anyways, but it would have been nice to test it out before.

I might just give up in-till after I'm done with Beyond. Pretty disappointing...



odd69 said:

Yea, I'll never patch my GTA, not even for the online. 1.01 will always be a mystery i guess. I sure don't want them to patch any glitches or anything else i may enjoy. Only if they would fix the controls, that would make my whole year, i would download a patch for that.

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