Tera may currently wear the free-to-play visuals crown, but the PC-based MMO’s reign could come to an end when Deep Down deploys on the PlayStation 4 next year. The Capcom created exclusive was one of the top titles on display at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and now Sony’s released a good thirty minutes of footage from the show floor in order to demonstrate exactly why.

The video embedded below shows key players from the title’s development team demonstrating the game’s combat and four-player co-op. Skip straight to about 22:30 in the clip for the best bit, as a gaggle of armoured knights work together to dismiss a gigantic dragon. The particle and fire effects in particular are stunning – especially when one participant temporarily stops time mid-battle.

Exactly how the publisher intends to monetise the adventure is unclear, but it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to purchase new weapons, clothing, and items via microtransactions. A beta for the game is set to arrive around the same time as the PS4’s launch in Japan on 22nd February. There’s actually been very little word on a Western release, but considering the escapade currently includes English dialogue, we’re going to assume that a firm announcement will be made in the near future.

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