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Could Titanfall Still Pick a Fight with the PlayStation 4?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Microsoft seems hazy on the subject

Despite also deploying on the PC and Xbox 360, Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming first-person shooter Titanfall is very much being billed as the Xbox One’s big 2014 release. The title has garnered a laundry list of awards since its official unveiling at E3 earlier in the year, and given the developer’s history with the Call of Duty series, it promises to refresh the stagnating first-person shooter genre.

However, the title’s not coming to a PlayStation platform. It’s unusual considering that the release is being funded by EA, a publisher that tends to build its business around big multiformat brands. Many have assumed this to mean that Microsoft has paid for the exclusivity of the game – but if that’s the case, how long will we have to wait before the mech fest hits one of Sony’s systems?

Microsoft spokesperson Larry Hryb – otherwise known as Major Nelson – is maintaining his poker face for now, opting to pour ambiguity on the topic in a Reddit thread. “As far as being an exclusive, that’s really a question for [the Titanfall team],” he said when asked whether the title would launch on another system in the future. “I’m not worried about it, though.”

It’s unclear whether Hryb means that he’s not worried because the Xbox One has more content up its sleeve, or because the game will remain an exclusive in perpetuity. The latter seems extremely unlikely from where we’re sitting, as publisher EA has admitted that it now sees Titanfall as one of the pillars of its first-person shooter rotation roster.

Furthermore, lead artist Joel Emslie admitted that a PlayStation 4 port could happen in the near future. “[A PS4 version] is definitely not out of the question,” he told earlier in the year. “We love all of our fans, whatever console they support. So, yeah, we want to make everybody happy, but this is where we’re at right now.”

We reckon that it’s only a matter of time, then, before the game reaches one of Sony’s consoles. It’ll be particularly interesting to see how long Microsoft has got the release locked down for. Our guess is that it’s probably managed to strike up a twelve month contract, meaning that you’ll likely be playing the title with a DualShock 4 in 2015. That's not that far away...


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banacheck said:

If you look at the top ten next gen pre-order list for games Titanfall is not doing very well, i don't know about Titanfall but Destiny might be the one to look out for on the PS4.



InsertNameHere said:

If it does come to the PS4 in 2015, I hope it's only 30 dollars because theirs no point in people who are interested in the game to pay full price for it after its already been out a year.



longshot28 said:

If it does take a full year to come to PS4 it's not gonna sell, too many people will be busy with the Division...



Scollurio said:

I really don't mind this game too much, but all xbox fanboys tout it around as the saviour of the xbox one's early lineup. So what then it's a paid exclusive and the better machine (PS4) gets it anyways.



ScreamAimFire99 said:

I hate timed exclusives and all the companies that do deals like that with Microsoft. They lost all my money. I boycott devs like these.



sinan said:

In three months after the release on XBONE if it does not come to the PS4, I will pass.



MadchesterManc said:

@rastamadeus straight to the point as always Im sure most will agree with you though. Ive never understood the hype for Titanfall when there's far better games coming to both systems. Im sure poeple interested in the game who wont have an Xbox One will just buy the cheaper PC version anyway. With it running on Source you'd only need a mid-range computer at best to hit the same output as Xbox One



InsertNameHere said:

@MadchesterManc I don't understand all the hype either, it looks just like Call of Duty, but with mechs. I've been accused of being jealous that it's an Xbone exclusive, when in reality I fell asleep halfway through its E3 debut, which was before I knew it was only on Xbox... and PC.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

This game doesn't interest me that much. In FPS, I still prefer a decent-made single player campaign over mp, so this whole "no single player campaign but a campaign in mp"-thingy that Titanfall has going does nothing for me. From all I heard, the game plays fantastic, though, so if it comes to PS4 not too far after the X1, this is still a good thing, just not for me.

I agree, though, that if it takes too long, it won't matter much, because by then there's gonna be other, newer and more interesting games, like Destiny and the Division. Maybe there's gonna be a sequel of Titanfall on PS4.



DirectAim said:

Titanfall looks current gen to me. Its not next gen AT ALL.

Also I don't understand the benefit of the game being exclusive to just the Xbone.

COD became the biggest game on the planet by releasing on every platform the could. Also PS3 & PS4 seem to be doing very well compared to both the 360 and Xbone so it seems like a silly decision to make this an exclusive.

Unless, for the devs, its all about the money which if it is then ill be happy to by pass this and smash the living shit out of Destiny and ESO



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@DirectAim The benefit is that the game being exclusive gives MS bragging rights to a game many people are quite interested in. Respawn (the dev) is made of many people who made the original CoD MW1 and MW2, so those guys have some credibility, even if they're a new studio.
So many CoD fans who're still undecided which console to buy first will buy an X1 probably, because it has Titanfall and time-exclusive content for the CoD games.

Of course it would make more sense for Respawn to have the game on more systems...more users equal more potential sales...that's why you can bet that MS parked a huge truck with money on their premises to score that deal.



PMasterTy9 said:

I am going to laugh it this game actually flops. It's all I hear from the X1 camp. I have to say Destiny looks more intriguing. Titanfall looks like COD with mechs which can be cool but not groundbreaking or mind blowing.



Lopezdm said:

@PMasterTy9 I have to agree, they are not doing a lot of new stuff. It's like when Halo was released, everyone was telling me that it was so inattentive. While playing it I found it hard to find something that 007 Golden Eye hadn't done already.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Scollurio You know what's funny about that situation Titanfall wasn't even an "savior" launch title to begin with lol and the game supposedly come out on March 11 of next year not on launch day.



HandandInternet said:

It's highly unlikely to stay on the Xbox and PC, Respawn want to make more games for multiple platforms. Having your first game only accessible to 2/3 of your market will only give yourself a bad name.
Would I play it? Most likely yes, a lot of gamer feedback could help the game providing they listen to the right group.



Paranoimia said:

Will it come to PS4? Yes, undoubtedly.

Will I play it? Nope. CoD with mechs... not interested.

Two spods on an IGN video were discussing this a couple of days ago. They were saying that games which have timed exclusivity rarely sell well when released later on another platform, and cited titles like Bioshock, MGS, GTA and Mass Effect as examples.

The problem was they claimed that the reason for this is that a game becomes associated with a particular console. I'm sure that is partly true, but I'm sure that for most people the issue is that when the game eventually releases on the other platform, publishers generally want to charge full price for a game that's 6 to 12 months old.



RicksReflection said:

I personally think Titan Fall looks awesome, and I can't wait for it to eventually hit the PS4! It will most likely have exclusively added content and it will "definitely" look better and run a smoother frame rate than on the Xbox180. With this generation of consoles Sony is easily going to have the jump on the Xbox180 as far as the installed base on systems. That coupled with the Mandatory PlayStation+ subscription for online multiplayer which I'm already a member of, Sony is going to have the money to bid on larger AAA exclusives. Hell the figures that I've seen on the amount that Sony takes in on PlayStation+ now annually (without it being mandatory) vs when it will be on PS4, 200 something million annually jumps to 1.2 billion! Thats roughly a billion more in annual income a year that Sony didn't have before! Also add the fact that games are easier and cheaper to develop for than the PS3, Sony's going to have a lot of extra dough to throw around that they didn't have with this current gen! Microsoft will have to pony up more money for exclusives this next gen to pay for the larger install base of the PS4, while Sony will have to bid less for Microsofts smaller install base, while still having more revenue from the aforementioned PlayStation+ and reduced development costs! Sony's definitely going to hammer it home this next generation! I definitely think the PS4 will end up with not just small Indie exclusives but a lot more AAA blockbuster exclusives. The only way I see Sony screwing up is if they do it to themselves, it's theirs to lose.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

Like Paranoimia stated as much I love Anime Mech shows but this game just doesn't suit my taste because of my dislike of CoD and Titanfall is nothing but a futuristic CoD with "Titans" and jetpacks so I pass on this title sadly so I won't be missing out on nothing.

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