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Battlefield 4's Story Trailer Punches a Dog in the Chops

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Is that even allowed?

Featuring some stunning visuals, plenty of shouting, loads of explosions, and a large man punching a dog in the face, it's probably safe to say that Battlefield 4's newest trailer is going to be remembered for one thing.

But let's not let that single talking point get in the way of an otherwise enjoyable video. While it's clear that EA's latest entry in the series is striving for something more emotional in terms of the narrative, we can't help but think that this clip lacks the tension and intrigue that competitor Killzone: Shadow Fall's story trailer portrays. Which title will end up with the better campaign? We reckon it'll be whichever game strays furthest from generic plot points and awful characters – but at least they'll both look extremely pretty on Sony's next generation console.

Are you planning a tactical approach towards Battlefield 4? Will you be detonating skyscrapers on PS3 or PS4? Join our platoon in the comments section below.

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Visiblemode said:

Looks amazing but yeah, dog punching is a sketchy area. Kill 100 villagers? No problem. Punch a dog? Then people are like "Oh no you didn't!"



Gamer83 said:

I fully expect Killzone to have the better campaign, but I will say this story trailer does have me at least a little bit interested in BF 4's singleplayer.



grenworthshero said:

I actually lol'd when he punched the dog. No one plays Battlefield for the campaign they? I played BF3 only because I got it for free through PS Plus, but the campaign was pretty mediocre at best.



charlesnarles said:

Hey, they simulate punching a horse in the face in Blazing Saddles. Hell, why not make it a baby?

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