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Another Analyst Has Awarded PS4 the Christmas Console Crown

Posted by Sammy Barker

Box to beat

If the PlayStation 4 doesn’t outsell its peers this Christmas, then we’re going to have a serious upset on our hands. Following in the footsteps of comments made by divisive forecaster Michael Pachter, the International Data Corporation has reiterated that the PlayStation 4 may well be the system to beat this holiday. Writing as part of a brand new report, the firm noted that the next generation console will outsell the Xbox One due to a “variety of factors”, with price registering highly on that list. We’re sticking Resogun down as another reason.

The report added that the release of the new systems, in addition to the continued popularity of current generation machines, will mean that the total number of game consoles shipped in 2013 will be “marginally higher” than 2012’s total of 33 million, finally bringing a halt to a four-year slide that started way back in 2009. It added that the sales of digital goods through services such as the PlayStation Network will exceed those of worldwide PC-based digital purchases for the first time this year.

The IDC continued that the online console game market will exceed 165 million users worldwide by 2017, providing plenty of opportunity to sell even more widgets through digital storefronts. It concluded that emerging platforms such as the Ouya or Valve’s ambiguous Steam Machines are unlikely to have an impact on established brands such as the PlayStation. We’d be breathing a sigh of relief if we hadn’t already predicted that ourselves. Seriously, have you seen Gabe Newell’s interpretation of a controller? It doesn’t even have analogue sticks.


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InsertNameHere said:

"Seriously, have you seen Gabe Newell’s interpretation of a controller? It doesn’t even have analogue sticks."

My thoughts exactly. The thing is already awkward looking, so the absence of analogues makes the awkwardness even more pronounced.

How exactly did Gabe come to the conclusion that a touchscreen-esque control input was better or would be as accurate as analogue sticks?



Gamer83 said:

It might beat Xbox One but I have a feeling Wii U will outsell both. I don't usually care about sales but after seeing PS3's wasted potential in the early days of this current generation I'd like to see PS4 start ahead of the competition from the get go and keep the momentum going forward. By all accounts, except those coming out of MS, the PS4 is the most powerful console, just like PS3 was, and I don't want to see that get wasted on sh*t ports and other nonsense because the sales lag behind the competition.



rjejr said:

@Gamer83 That I'd like to see. Wii U has price, and games, and family friendliness. What it still doesnt have -in my mind - is enough advertising. I saw the Beyond 2 Souls commercial 3 times today, ABSW pods at least 5, nothing on Wii U. Its still early, they could have a big push in Nov w/ Mario after X + Y blow over, but they need ads.

I actually think PS3 could STILL outsell them all this holiday. Very few games you cant play on it, the price is right, and I suspect some really good, and cheap, bundles this holiday.



Gamer83 said:


I think PS3 will offer the most for the consumers' dollars but I don't think its ever had a holiday where it was the best selling console. This could be the year I guess but I'm sure MS will have some 360 deals too and the 360 is also getting most of the highly anticipated games.



Scollurio said:

While I agree: PS4 GO! I also have to say Im not that negative about that Steam Controller. Sure it doesn't have analogue sticks, but do we need them? I can imagine (and first hands on reports on IGN seem to indicate this as well) that the input will be even more precise as with analogue sticks, and if you think about it, it's logical. I always found the "slide pad" to be more comfy compared to a stick, the reason is simple, with the stick you have to always fight the physical feedback (i.e. push) when you want to move the stick, if you need to make a really fine adjustment (like sniping in a game) I need to dose my strengths with which I push the stick AND the position where I want to hold the stick, fighting it's urge to go back into its 0 Position. With the slidepad on the 3DS for example I can focus this on "pushing it into position and hold it there" which is easy because its a pad and not a lever with the challenge auf the added angle (the stick). Now imagine the Steam controller ridding you completely of fighting that physical resistance to where you want the stick to go, you just slide your thumbs in those cups or cravices or whatever you want to call it, you slide it to where you want it, I guess it's the most natural thing ever.

I still can't wait for my dualshock 4 to arrive by amazon, but still I think the steam controller is an innovation that just shouldn't be talked down because it looks odd or it brings something new to the table. OR to make this thought a bit more comfy to you, imagine a dualshock 4 and instead of the sticks it has 2 molds, 2 little areas where you slide your thumbs on a sensorpad instead moving a stick, I guess it would give you the same dualshock comfort we're used to but with more precision!



Sanquine said:

@Gamer83 Wii U? No offense but as rjer stated with no advertising that thing is not going to sell. And you think they could beat a more than a million pre orders? The Wii U userbase is about 3.5 million.. But we shall see!



get2sammyb said:

@Sanquine @rjejr @Gamer83 I think 360 and PS3 will probably prove the most popular this Christmas. Obviously, the launch day excitement is going to push PS4 and XBO close, though.

Current generation machines aren't going anywhere in my opinion. Wii U's situation is definitely starting to look brighter, though. I personally feel that it needed Mario Kart this year, but we'll see.



Gamer83 said:


Well, it's like I said, I want PS4 to start strong and keep the momentum going, on its way to being the top selling console, but we'll see. Nintendo doesn't need to advertise too much yet, Mario games sell simply on name alone.



eLarkos said:

@Lelouch "How exactly did Gabe come to the conclusion that a touchscreen-esque control input was better or would be as accurate as analogue sticks?"

Probably through something called research and development.

You haven't even tried it, so dont you think its a little presumptuous to say what your saying?

On topic: I hope the Wii U wins this holiday as I have no doubt the PS4 will do fine in the long term and competition in the industry is a good thing.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - Hard to argue against Mario Kart 8 being a system seller so I'm not even going to try.

SM3DW could be a system seller if Nintendo ever decides to advertise it. Or Wii Fit U, Sports Club, Wii U Party and Just Dance 2014 for the casuals who need to upgrade to HD. Or Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Lego Marvel for the kids Christmas gift. Or W_D, AC4 and Batman for the gamers on a budget. The Wii U really has enough games I think, I just think nobody knows it exists.

Will the Xbox360 sell this holiday? Hasn't it already ceased like the Wii? I just can't imagine a lot of people picking it up at this late date. PS3 has B:2S commercials all the time on tv to keep it going.



Pink_Floyd said:

I just think it is funny. Most PC users have always said having a keyboard and mouse was a better experience then a controller, then Steam makes one and a lot of people that i know think it's the best thing coming to PC gaming.



charlesnarles said:

Considering the new iOS sucks the big one, I think it's really up to the programmers to make it work the way people want it to. I can see it going either way, but I don't expect to like only touchpads more than sticks and one touchpad.

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