Monster Hunter Frontier Online is already out in Japan on the PC and Xbox 360, but the update to the title – named Monster Hunter Frontier G – is being released on the PlayStation 3 later this year in the region. Now the online RPG has received a new trailer, but it might be best to stick the kettle on, as it's ten-minutes long.

The video offers a decent look at various aspects from the game, including the hub in which the hunters gather before embarking on a quest, as well as the easier objectives such as scouting for items like herbs and the various mushrooms that will help you on your journey. Of course, to tackle one of the title's many devilish beasts, you'll also need a weapon, so a brief explanation of each option is presented, too.

The game is set for release online in the East on 20th November, and will require a ¥1,600 ($16 / €12) monthly fee. A beta version will be released a week earlier, while a PlayStation Vita port will land in 2014, but a firm release date has yet to be revealed. We've included the trailer below for your viewing pleasure, so do let us know what you think in the comments section.