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You'll Be Busting Bugs On Your PS4 Thanks To Earth Defense Force

Posted by Damien McFerran

New title in the cult series confirmed for Sony's upcoming console

It has been confirmed that a new entry in the popular Earth Defense Force series is in development for the PS4.

D3 is publishing the game, but the developer has yet to be confirmed. Japanese studio Sandlot has been synonymous with previous titles in the franchise, but the last instalment — 2011's Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon — was coded in the west by Vicious Cycle.

Earth Defense Force 2025 was developed by Sandlot, but hasn't been released in the west yet — it's expected to hit the PS3 and 360 in February next year.

Details are scant, but given the sheer amount of fun delivered by previous entries in the series, we're pretty excited about this news.


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MadchesterManc said:

Im sold on the Ps4 now Its news of these kinda titles that Ive been waiting for when it concerns the Ps4. Sure titles like Killzone are gonna be good, but Id rather be bug-hunting Starship Troopers style on EDF.



Epic said:

@Sanquine My only worry is that Sega gave up porting Yakuza games on EU/West after all we are still waiting for Yakuza 4



MadchesterManc said:

@Sanquine Whats wrong with this game? I honestly beleive you haven't tried EDF myself. If you have you'll be in the trenches with me blasting spiders the size of skyscrapers while screaming EDF EDF EDF on 2025 when it gets a western release for the Ps3 in February. @nathanuc1988 knows what Im talking about



Jaz007 said:

This is good news, imagine if they could put one player's screen on the TV, and stream the other player's screen to the Vita. Of course I don't think it was built to work that and I'm probably jut dreaming.



Tasuki said:

I have heard good things about the other EDF games but I still haven't got around to playing them yet. This one is going to have to be one that I pick up on the PS4.



odd69 said:

I bought EDF due to it being on the PSN but instead i bought the disc mostly out of curiosity. It's very addictive.

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