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You Can Platinum DriveClub Without Spending a Penny

Posted by Sammy Barker

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We already know that the free version of DriveClub that will be available as part of PlayStation Plus will feature less cars and tracks than the full retail release, but Evolution Studios has clarified that there’ll still be enough content on offer to allow you to earn the Platinum Trophy in the free iteration of the game.

Writing on NeoGAF, design director Paul Rustchynsky clarified that the complimentary download will allow you to guzzle up all of the digital trinkets without requiring you to spend a penny. “Remember that it’s the full game minus a few cars and tracks,” he reiterated, adding that upgrading to the full version of the title will score you a discount, but that “prices won't be announced for a few more weeks yet”.

Elsewhere in a lengthy post, Rustchynsky revealed that the studio is working on a photo mode. Sadly, though, the game will not feature a split-screen multiplayer option. We had been a little worried about the PlayStation 4 racer earlier in the year, but GamesCom squashed our concerns flatter than a pancake on a motorway.


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Owlynator said:

Are there good racing games on PS3 or coming to PS4 that have split-screen? I know that GT has, but how about other games?



ScreamAimFire99 said:

@Reverend_Skeeve Thanks for the info. It's pretty sad that a Racing game doesn't have Split Screen. That should be standard for all Racing games. That's like FPS's not having Co-Op.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@ScreamAimFire99 You're welcome! And yes, this sucks. I agree that local split screen should be standard in modern racing games, Although, not all modern FPSs have Co-op as it when they do, though.



Visiblemode said:

This is really cool news, because this is likely how I'll experience the title. I'm a bit mixed about racers. I find them very fun, but the platinum issue highlights my sticking point. Almost all racers have so much filler requirements for 100% or platinum. I love to complete games. If I don't finish a game it's because it's truly bad. Yet racers leave me feeling like the only true "finish" is 100% completion. Then the challenges are insane like goals likely unattainable without a wheel or 24 hour races that make no sense. Other genres give a sense of completion through story mode elements, allowing satisfaction and the option to platinum the truly awesome titles. Racing games need to master this.

So yeah. Glad to get it free on plus and go from there.



PMasterTy9 said:

This is awesome news and I hope the game turns out well. I liked what I played of the demo. I no some people are complaining about no split-screen co-op but more and more games are dropping local co-op features and it's not something I am happy about either.

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