Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has admitted that he found the transition to the PlayStation 3 a little frightening, as studios were forced to bulk up in order to meet the demands of high-definition development. Fortunately, he’s a little more excited for the upcoming PlayStation 4, because he believes that there’s going to be a better mix of big and small titles.

“The indie movement is so exciting to me,” he told the PlayStation Blog. “It really reminds me of when we were working on the original PlayStation. Back then, PlayStation really expanded the audience for gaming and brought in a lot of new developers. Lots of unique, interesting games came out of nowhere.”

Yoshida continued: “I feel a similar kind of vibe and passion from those indie people today. I’m so excited this time. It was scary going into the PS3, actually. Everything was going bigger, but this time around it’s a really great combination of big and better games, and smaller, really creative, interesting titles.”

Asked if there’s any indie title in particular that he’s looking forward to, Yoshida responded that Octodad: Dadliest Catch is right at the top of his wishlist. “I’m always a huge fan of Octodad,” he beamed. “I was watching the live demo before the [GamesCom] press conference and I was like, ‘Let me play!’”

Earlier in the year, system architect Mark Cerny revealed that the platform holder hopes to trigger a gaming renaissance courtesy of the PS4’s indie-friendly nature and accessible hardware design. “Heavy content will thrive on the platform,” he said. “But in many ways we will also be returning to the creative freedom and broad content that made the early years of PlayStation so unforgettable.”

The company announced several more indie titles for its various platforms over the weekend during a panel at PAX Prime 2013, including Cosmic Star Heroine and Road Not Taken. Which upcoming indie games are you personally looking forward to? As always, let us know in the comments section below.