If you’re suffering from a mild case of insomnia, you may find that spending time with a prominent PlayStation executive cures your illness. In response to Shuhei Yoshida’s hilarious nap during one of David Cage’s customary monologues at GamesCom last month, the likeable public figures have turned the tables at the Tokyo Game Show – with a staged photo showing the Quantic Dream co-founder nodding off while the Sony Worldwide Studios president says a few words.

Without reading too deeply into what is, in essence, a very silly image, the photograph very clearly depicts the feel-good atmosphere that’s coursing through the company at the minute. It’s refreshing to see such high-ranking employees sharing a joke in the public domain, and it’s really enhancing the platform holder’s public image among hardcore gamers. Mind you, it must be a nightmare getting any work done at Sony HQ when everyone keeps falling asleep.

[via twitter.com]