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Video: Watch As We Dig into the Underworld in Diablo III on PS3

Posted by Ben Potter

Hell fire

Diablo III isn’t the first PC title to be ported to the PlayStation 3, and it certainly won’t be the last. However, few could dispute the magnitude of Blizzard's overdue arrival on the current generation console, especially considering the serious server hiccups that its sequel's popularity prompted at launch last year.

Fortunately, the dreaded Error 37 has eschewed Sony's console, and so to celebrate the game's launch, we've compiled a slew of videos detailing the first ten minutes of the title from the perspective of each of the adventure's classes. Never forget that preparation is everything, so watch these clips to help you to decide upon your ideal hero.



Witch Doctor

Demon Hunter


Are you planning to purchase Diablo III on the PS3? Which class will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments section below.

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ViciousDS said:

what, videos...........did Shogun finally listen to me after yelling at him knowing that hes doing the Puppeteer review this weekend? lol

or am I being fooled here and these videos are from someone else?



Epic said:

That's exactly what I thought xD
Its hard to tell because no one talks on the video but I think its from here.

PS: Keep the Trophy sound.



banacheck said:

I'm playing Diablo III now as the male Monk, it's an excellent game if your into RPG's. I would also recommend the console version over the PC version, also this is not the first Diablo game on the PlayStation as Diablo was on the PS1.



Savino said:

I have the pc version but couldnt finish it... The lack of char customization killed e experience for me... Still, I will get the console versin because, and strangely enough, I have problems to finish games on pc.... Couch play is more my style!



hYdeks said:

very nice, I got this game launch day and been playing it like crazy ever since



charlesnarles said:

Downloading as I type. Good idea, guy; no huge spoilers or anything, and it totally convinced me to get it. Screenshots on PSN look like hell : )



Tasuki said:

Well I dont have a PS3 but I do have an Xbox 360 so I picked it up on that. I have to say as one who owns and played the PC version I have to say that the console is the best version of Diablo III. I love the fact that Blizz built this from the ground up rather than a sloppy port. Its because of that that this game plays so well on the console. Been playing this one with my son the past few days (Something that we wanted to do with the PC version but we couldn't cause we dont own another computer) and I have a level 10 Demon Hunter.

If you enjoy dungeon crawlers and was turned away from the negative problems of the PC version or have played the PC one I highly suggest giving this game a try on console. It's everything Diablo fans have been waiting for.



GraveLordXD said:

Great game and far more better than the DRM AH PC version that I wish I have never bought plus couch co-op is awesome
This is how this type of game should be



odd69 said:

been on the fritz about buying this, should i be more excited?



GraveLordXD said:

@odd69 I had it on PC when it first came out and was furious because of the always online DRM and the God awful auction house it pretty much ruined the game
Now that both these are removed and other gameplay mechanics added like couch co-op and being able to roll makes this game way better than the PC version. So if you like loot based dungeon crawlers with great local multiplayer than this game is a must buy for anyone with a ps3



charlesnarles said:

@odd69 It's really smooth Hz-wise, and the controls are great. As good as the previous games were, I just got it and I think I prefer the console version of 3. Character classes were disappointingly sparse, but after a few minutes I realized Monks could equip weapons, and the first expansion is coming out early next year and has Crusader as a new class. It's genuinely fun so far, especially for this veteran.



JaxonH said:

My buddy at work is into PC gaming, and told me nothing but great things about Diablo 3. I usually trust his judgement, seeing as every other game he's recommended thus far has been on point. However, the game just doesn't seem to be that fun from what I've watched so far. Is this a game that caters to people with a certain taste, or is there something about this game I'm missing? I'm looking for a reason to pre order it on PS4, but, I haven't found it yet. Maybe someone here who's a fan of the game can help me see the light?

And just a quick note- I loved Shin Megami Tensei 4 on 3DS, so it's not like I'm indifferent to dungeon crawlers. Diablo 3 would be considered a dungeon crawler, no?



odd69 said:

I figured this would be good but not awesome! it sounds awesome.
well i think its for a certain kinda fan sure, i enjoy these games alot so i wanted more opinions on it, the only reason its not in my ps3. I dont think its for everyone. Thanks guys I will more than likely get this next month.



Beaston61 said:

Well, what can I say... as an avid fan of Diablo 1 & 2, this game was probobly the biggest pc gaming disappointment to date. I was playing this from the start, I even managed to log in on release night for about 1 hour. I played it first time on a blind Hardcore play-through I was one of a small percentage to reach Hardcore on the Hardest difficulty (before the patch which made it easier), I was hellbent on being the first man to complete it! sadly, it didn't happen. Anyway, that aside... the PC version was ruined by ingame Auction house, essentially, you could spend £3 and get the best gear in the game for most levels and the drop rates on legendarys was too low, and RNG loot made most gear you found useless, Character development was poo. Dont get me wrong the combat, graphics, animations etc... are awesome and make for a good fast paced ARPG (and them FMV's!) but, the fundamentals of an ARPG are Character Diversity and Loot, this game failed on both and having the AH just makes grinding for loot pointless. That being said, I hear that the console version is better than the PC!!! Its funny, I actually knew way before this game was announced that it was heading to the Consoles.... sigh... Screw Activision



Tasuki said:

@Beaton61: Actually Activision had nothing to do with this game. Yes the full name of the company is Activision/Blizzard but they act more like separate companies. Activision does their things like CoD and Guitar Hero while Blizzard handles their things like WoW, Diablo and Starcraft. Activision does not have a hand in Blizzard's games and vice versa.

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