Connected. It's a powerful word which when applied to the realm of video games can mean many things. Sony is hoping that being "connected" with PlayStation will mean owning a PS4, PS Vita and PS Vita TV, and linking them all up with your network of game-mad friends — as this upbeat and polished video from Sony Japan illustrates.

The footage shows how the "Share" button is going to revolutionise the way you play and interact with other Sony fans, while the Remote Play feature of the Vita will allow you to continue your game even when you're away from your PS4. The video even gives screen time to the classic fighter Tekken 2, which can of course be downloaded from the PlayStation Network via either your Vita or Vita TV and enjoyed with your retro-crazy mates — until your girlfriends come along and force you to stop gaming and endure the last Spider-Man movie (we're not making this up, it's all in the video).

It's pretty stirring stuff, although the song which accompanies the footage does tend to make you want to bite the heads off kittens after about a minute. We also noticed that the controllers in the video seemed to be very clicky — and the ending? Surely Japanese students don't like Killzone that much?

Check out the video and "Share" (see what we did there?) your thoughts in the comments section below.