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TGS 2013: Sony Aims to Shift 5 Million PS4 Consoles by March 2014

Posted by Sammy Barker

Count the cash

Sony's big Tokyo Game Show 2013 keynote may have been blander than a microwave meal, but it did offer one worthwhile snippet regarding the firm's sales targets for its next generation machine. Taking to the stage - and chatting in fluent Japanese - group president Andrew House confirmed that the platform holder intends to shift five million PlayStation 4 consoles globally by 31st March 2014. Translation issues originally made it sound like the organisation was hoping to hit the lofty figure before the end of 2013, but likeable Worldwide Studios executive Shuhei Yoshida clarified that the organisation was referring to its fiscal year.

Yesterday - during another press conference - the company confirmed that its next generation system will release in Asia this December. It'll be preceded by a North American launch on 15th November and European debut on 29th November. Japan will be able to purchase the console from 22nd February, where all early adopters will receive a free copy of Knack by way of an apology for the delay.

Five million consoles is a huge figure considering the timeframe specified, but we reckon that the firm can hit it. Demand for the PS4 is sky-high right now, so all that the company needs to do is ensure that its production pipeline is in order.

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Cloud7794 said:

They can definitely pull it off. Mobile gaming being a major competitor isn't even that much of an issue with the remote play and whatnot. When they do hit these numbers though, would it be a record?



get2sammyb said:

@Cloud7794 I don't actually know. It certainly sounds like it would be - that figure's enormous for a new console - but we'll have to wait and see.



InsertNameHere said:

I'm confident that Sony can pull this off, especially with all the big moves they've been making as of late.



banacheck said:

I believe this is very possible seeing thay are moving 1.8 million units in the UK this year alone.



Gamer83 said:

I'm not so sure Sony can pull it off but I hope to heck it does because I want PS4 being the lead platform this gen. I feel we got cheated a bit with the PS3, it was the most powerful console but 360 was the lead for most devs because it was easier to work with and it was selling better. Only Sony's first parties took advantage of the PS3. This time around Sony is launching the same time as MS and from most articles I've read it seems PS4 is an easier platform to work with than PS3 was, so if it can get off to a strong start and maintain that momentum, the better for gamers and the industry as a whole imo.



Epic said:

PS4 will destroy everything on his path but I'm still worried of the Vita.
Even though its now getting alot of amazing games like Gravity Rush Sequel, Monster Hunter Frontier G, the 3DS is technicaly on a Killing Spree and is not even over yet with the launch Pokemon, Zelda this year and Monster Hunter 4 already did some damage on Japan.



Shellybird27 said:

@Epic Why worry about the Vita? i have it, and it's amazing, WAYYY better than the 3DS IMO, but even if it doesn't sell THAT much, so what?



Epic said:

1. No sales = No 3rd party support.
2. Less money for Sony to make more games for it.
3. Developers will prefer to develop for 3DS

Simple as that, I just want to Sony secure a continious stream of Vita games.



charlesnarles said:

That's a speecey, spicey meat-a-ball. Still don't understand why we get it first, but okay, thanks guys. I saw Drake (AKA Jimmy Brooks from DeGrassi LOL) on an Xbone tv commercial, so I think anyone with a brain will buy Sony.
P.s. anyone remember the Zune? : ) me neither

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