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TGS 2013: PS4 Losses to be Recouped by PlayStation Plus and Games

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hardware not profitable out of the gate

As expected, the PlayStation 4 will make a loss at launch – but Sony is hoping to recoup any expenses with PlayStation Plus subscriptions and the sale of games. SCEJ executive Masayasu Ito confirmed the expected snippet during a roundtable interview with earlier in the week, where he refused to reveal just how much cash the console is likely to cost the company.

Sources suggest that each PS4 sale will generate a $60 loss, but Ito denied it, stating that an average consumer will shell out on a premium membership card and a game, making the product a profitable endeavour overall. Considering that it costs around $50 to join Sony’s subscription service, we’re going to assume that the aforementioned figure’s roughly accurate.

Even without additional purchases, though, Ito added the PS4 will turn a profit prompter than its current generation counterpart. Famously, the PlayStation 3 almost crippled the company, incurring enormous losses due to its awkward architecture and expensive components. Such issues will not be shared by the firm’s impending next generation console, meaning that shareholders can safely breathe a sigh of relief.


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rjejr said:

"awkward architecture and expensive components"

I don't know anything about architecture but I know bu ray drives are a lot cheaper now then they were 7 years ago, no matter how much faster the new drive may be. Sony gambled on blu ray and the HD-DVD death shows they kind of won. Don't know if the price they paid overall was worth it but they did win.



drumsandperc92 said:

got my ps4 preordered with watch_dogs and plan on purchasing a PSN+ membership as soon as i boot the console.
glad to know i'll be giving Sony a profit!



DoublezZ01 said:

Ive got your back 100% Sony I bought a Subscriton last month, already Paid off my PS4 with the cam second control 2 games, Stand and soon the control Charger!!! Loving everything u guys are doing!!! XD Ill, be there at 12am 11/15/2013!!! = )



DoublezZ01 said:

Oh yea so siked!!! PS4 is gonna be 1 of those nice clean addictions!!! lol XD



Cloud7794 said:

@DoublezZ01 *Psyched. I'm not trying to be that guy or a Spelling Spetsnaz but that word is one of the most misspelled words people regularly use so I just wanted you to know how it's spelled >_<
On topic, though, I have Knack, PS4, extra controller, and a random 2nd game on the table for day 1. I hope the profit Sony gets from my purchases go toward improvement to PSN ^_^



DoublezZ01 said:

Not surprised about the misspelling been doing that all days! -_-... with all the google alerts ive been reading and replying to! I believe thats exactly were all the cash is going towards since it going to be nothing like the current PSN!!! PS i erge u to think about the cam its freakin sweet!!!! Watche TGS today, dont be surprised it u see me on Some japanese text games for a while lol after all thats the only place i can get my gundam titles and they are better then the have ever been this time around!!! =D



banacheck said:

It wasn't just the blur-ray that added costs, Sony, IBM and Toshiba jointly invested $400 million in the cell. 256MB of high-speed custom XDR RAM, full backwards compatibility etc, iSuppli estimated that Sony lost $306.85 on every single low-end ($499) PS3 it sold, with the high-end, $599 SKU costing the company $241.35. So as you can see the PS3 was clearly well worth its money especially when it released.



Snkfiend said:

@DoublezZ01 I see man you just like me then collect Gundam games I have Gundam Battlefield Record too and alot of other imports. We should play together one day and meet in the future for the PS4.



DoublezZ01 said:

Im completely up for it, Ive got crossfire DWG 1-3 And a couple from the PS days and battle assault 2 from PS1, Though Ex VS is my first import, I just got my Hands of a Job Some im hoping to be able to get most of the new and a couple of the old imports! And Definitely on PS4 we have less then 60 days to go, and i bawt the can so were set!!! The new DWG Looks Awesome, Plus im defintely snatching PS3 Breaker And Pre-ordering FB in 2014!!! =D

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