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TGS 2013: PS4 Games Sure Look Slick When Played on Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

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It looks like cloud streaming company Gaikai was worth every cent of the $380 million that Sony paid for it, as the PlayStation 4’s hotly anticipated Remote Play functionality appears to work like a dream. The technology, which allows you to stream most next generation titles directly to your PlayStation Vita, was on display at the Tokyo Game Show this week – and appeared to work fairly flawlessly.

This footage captured by IGN shows Knack being played on the handheld, with a television screen in the background designed to highlight the almost-imperceptible level of lag. Analysis around the web – conducted using slowed down footage – pegs the delay at around two frames, which will be virtually unnoticeable for the majority of players. Of course, this demo was presumably running under optimal conditions, so the jury’s still out on whether the technology will work as well in the wild.


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Malouff said:

I wonder if you can do multiplayer with remote play.

Either one player on the PS Vita and the other using the PS4 or both using PS Vita's.

Looking at the video the Vita was mirroring what was on the TV. It looked to me that in a way the the Vita could be used as an additional PS4 remote control.

Can you get anymore information about multiplayer Remote Play?



8vpiper said:

Even better considering that TV has one of the lowest input delays of any TV's

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